Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

Every site claims to have the best automatic cat feeder reviews, so why trust this one? Well, I have spent a lot of time researching and using these products. With my experience, I can tell the best auto cat feeder from the poorly made one. While auto cat feeders are supposed to do the same thing, the quality ranges from the outstanding to the poor.
It took me a long time to review all these cat feeders, but now I’ve selected the top 5. With the following information, you’ll finally get your hands on an automatic cat feeder that works.

What is an Automatic Cat Feeder?

An auto cat feeder automatically dispenses food for your cat when the bowl empties. The best auto cat feeder, however, comes with other features that make the task easier such as a timer and scheduler. Most pet owners feed their cats from a bowl, pouring the food when necessary.
But that is impractical if you’re always on the go. If you have lots of pets, an automatic cat feeder makes your life simpler. Once you have programmed the feeder and added the food, it will do the rest so you can go about your business.

Why need a Automatic Cat Feeder

The best automatic cat feeder has a lot of uses besides ensuring there’s food in the bowl.

  1. An automatic cat feeder is used to provide cats with fresh food. Cats are picky, and making sure fresh food is always available will stimulate their appetite.
  2. These feeders are also used to feed cats with special diet needs. Some cats need to be fed a specific number of times per day. Others have to be fed only small amounts. Whatever his needs may be, you can program the feeder to deliver the food they require.
  3. Auto cat feeders are also used to get pets into shape. You can configure auto feeders to release a specific amount of food, perfect for overweight cats. Obese cats are vulnerable to all kinds of health conditions, so an auto feeder is useful.
  4. These automatic cat feeders are used by owners who are on the go. Cats expect to eat at particular times of the day. If you have things to do, your cat will get stressed because of the lack of food. With an automatic food dispenser, there’ll be no more begging for food and no stress for you.

Benefits of an Automatic Cat Feeder

  • Dependable: The best automatic cat feeder is reliable and precise. As long as there’s sufficient food in the unit, it’ll deliver the exact amount of food at the time intervals you specify.
  • Durable construction: These feeders are cat proof. There’s no way your cat can get to the main food storage as the cover is secure.
  • Power Outage Proof: If there’s a power outage you can still run the feeder via batteries.
  • Convenience: More than anything else, these cat feeders provide relief and comfort. In no time at all your pet will realize food is always available.

Types of Automatic Cat Feeder

The best automatic cat feeder models come in several designs, but the most common are the following:

Bowl with Troughs

Some auto feeders have bowls with trays or troughs. It has a lid with an opening equal to one tray. When a channel empties, you can program the feeder to produce the next tray that has food. The same design is used for water dispensing.

One Bowl

A single bowl design has the storage at the machine’s rear. You put the food in there. You just pour the food and program the feeder to release the food.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Automatic Cat Feeder

The size of Kibbles: The best automatic cat feeder allows you to put good sized kibbles in the food storage, so consider capacity carefully.

Portion Control Flexibility: Cats have different needs as far as food is concerned. Look for an automatic pet feeder that lets you specify the amount of food that is distributed.

Ease of Programming: How easy is the cat feeder to operate? The reason you bought one is to make it easier to feed your pet. Fancy features are nice, but what it all comes down to is convenience. The less buttons you have to press to program the feeder, the better. A well-designed automatic cat feeder does not need manual instructions. You should be able to program the feeder in just a minute or two. Changing systems must also be quick and easy.

Food Flexibility: Can you put wet food in it? Cats get tired of eating the same food just like people. Get a versatile auto feeder to keep your pet happy. However, food flexibility isn’t just about satisfying your pet’s cravings. Cats need to eat the right foods to stay healthy, and mixing it up is one way to do this.

Ease of Cleaning: Look for an auto cat feeder that’s easy to clean up. The best ones just need water and the lower the maintenance, the better. Avoid cat feeders with complex designs because it makes cleaning difficult. Your cat feeder has to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent oils and smells from building up.

Refill Alert: The top auto cat feeders emit beeping sounds when the food is about to run out. This is an essential feature so you can buy food supplies in advance.

Ease of Use: This doesn’t need a long explanation. The cat feeder shouldn’t require you to make any measurements, and there shouldn’t be any mess when you pour the food in.

Price: Look for a discount when possible, but don’t let cost alone dictate your choice. Consider the other factors I have listed here.

Our Pick For Best Automatic Cat Feeder

We made a short list of 5 best automatic cat feeder for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Here is the short review of each best automatic cat feeder that we selected for you.

1. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

This is one of the best automatic cat feeders today as far as features are concerned. You can put dry and wet food in it. It is also Wi-Fi compatible with a webcam so you can check up on your pet anytime from your mobile device. I also like there are six compartments. This is ideal if you have lots of pets.

Special Features:

  1. Measures 18″L x 16″W x 3″H
  2. Connects By Wi-Fi To Your Home Network In Under One Minute.
  3. Built In Webcam So You Can See Your Pet From Any Smartphone Inc iOS, Android & Windows.
  4. Set One Time Or Regular Schedules For Unlimited Feed and Go’s From One Profile.
  5. Each Compartment (There’s 6) Holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size.
  6. 12 months warranty.


  • Stable base.
  • Lots of space for cat food.
  • Easy to program.
  • Made from quality materials.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Schedule feeds in advance.


  • You can only store wet food for 24 hours.
  • Webcam quality could have been better.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The Feed and Go have gotten some of the best automatic cat feeder reviews online. One reviewer said it’s the best cat feeder available. She has two cats, and she says the feeder has gone a long way towards making feeding easier. She also likes the feeder’s quality and its wireless connectivity option. Another reviewer said he uses the feeder for a while now and happy with its performance. He’s particularly satisfied with the quality. According to the reviewer, his diabetic cat needs to be fed specific times, and the feeder gets the job done.

2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

The PetSafe is included here because of its capabilities. You’ll be able to program it to feed up to half a dozen times daily. The feeder works for dry and wet food, and the conveyor has an anti-jamming mechanism. You can remove the stainless bowl for easy cleaning. Many parts are dishwasher safe too.

Special Features:

  1. Measures 19″ L X 9″ W X 12.5″ H
  2. Automatically feed your pet up to 12 meals a day.
  3. Slow Feed mode dispenses food over 15 minutes to prevent bloat and vomiting.
  4. Patented, anti-jam conveyor system.
  5. Has an LCD screen with 5-button navigation for easy programming.
  6. Immediate Feed Mode dispenses next scheduled meal instantly.
  7. Pause Feed Mode temporarily stops feeding without losing programmed feed schedule.
  8. Pet-proof dispenser.
  9. locking lid helps keep food fresh and secure.
  10. Removable stainless steel bowl.
  11. Uses 4 D batteries (not included) or power adapter (sold separately).


  • Holds lots of food kibbles.
  • Cats won’t be able to tip it over.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Keeps food fresh.
  • Easy to clean.


  • You have to read the instructions to learn the operation.
  • The electric charger is sold separately.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The PetSafe has gotten favorable reviews. One reviewer said it is great and just what he was looking for. The reviewer said he was looking for a feeder because his cats don’t like sharing bowls. With the PetSafe the cats no longer fight over food. Another reviewer said the feeder does exactly what he wants and made feeding easier. Other reviewers say the same thing about its flexibility.
While the PetSafe has received some of the best automatic cat feeder reviews online, some people have complained it is difficult to use. However, the negative reviews are due to the misunderstanding. If you read the manual, you’re going to see how easy the PetSafe is to use.

3. Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

The SureFeed is one of the best automatic cat feeders of its kind. You just program each microchip pet, and the feeder opens only for that particular pet. If another pet tries to access it, the feeder won’t open. This is perfect if your cats are always fighting over the food.

Special Features:

  1. Designed for multi-pet homes to stop pets stealing each others’ food.
  2. Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet.
  3. Ideal for pets on weight management diets.
  4. Compatible with all identification microchips worldwide & SureFlap RFID collar tags.
  5. Works with the SureFlap RFID collar tag (one tag included).
  6. Suitable for both wet and dry food. Bowl capacity 400 ml or two pouches of wet food
  7. Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free of flies.
  8. Six months battery life (4 x C cell batteries -– not included).
  9. A low battery indicator will flash when the batteries need changing.
  10. Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory.
  11. 3-years warranty.


  • Easy to program.
  • Mechanism prevents unauthorized pets from using it.
  • Stable and durable design.
  • Holds up to 2.5 cups of dry cat food.
  • Intuitive design.


  • One customer review says it’s a little noisy when closed.
  • Bowls are not dishwasher safe.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The SureFeed has gotten some of the best automatic cat feeder reviews of any microchip-based feeder. One customer said it’s “genius” and works. The reviewer said this is exactly what he needs to keep his cat on a diet. Another reviewer said the feeder is ideal for his cat that has special dietary needs.
The SureFeed has also received a lot of 5-star reviews from other cat owners online. One customer said the SureFeed is worth every cent. Another said the feeder works great and does what you expect it to.
There is a lot of positive feedback for the feeder, but a few have given it negative reviews. But most the buyers are content and say they’d recommend it.

4. Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder, CSF-3 Super Feeder with Analog Timer

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The Super Feed is aptly named because it does make feeding easy. You can feed just a few times a day or up to 48 times if you have a lot of cats. The feeder is stable, but you can fasten it to a wall for stability. I like the timer because it makes feeding easy and accurate.

Special Features:

  1. Analog timer with easy programming for up to 48 daily meals.
  2. New Wi-Fi socket for iPhone is also available from Super Feed for all Super Feeders.
  3. Optional 1.5 gallon (24-cup) hopper available (stackable) available.
  4. Tough Polycarbonate chute cover protective device.
  5. All parts readily available if ever needed.
  6. Premium materials used and made in USA.


  • Great for feeding cats several times a day.
  • Programming the timer is quick.
  • High-quality materials used.
  • Cleaning is straightforward.
  • Tiny assembly needed.


  • Instructions are somewhat lacking.
  • Some customers say the feeder needs recalibrating on certain occasions.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The Super Feed has been the recipient of the best automatic cat feeder reviews, and they’re well-earned. One happy customer gave the Super Feed five stars and even posted a video showing how it works. The reviewer said the cats had completely different eating habits. This made feeding difficult. But with the Super Feed the reviewer was finally able to feed them properly.
Many other positive reviews about it have been posted. All the positive feedback says the Super Feed is easy to use and that it’s reliable. Another reviewer said the Super Feed is a worthy investment and many will agree.

5. PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

Last but not the least on my list is the PetSafe. I like the simple but effective design. The built-in digital timer makes it easy to schedule feeding. Other cat feeders I have tried are too small, but the PetSafe capacity – 5 one cups for dry food – is generous. Once you’re done feeding the cats, you can clean the tray via the dishwasher.

Special Features:

  1. The digital timer allows you to customize feeding times in one-hour increments.
  2. Dishwasher-safe food tray allows for convenient cleaning for busy pet owners.
  3. BPA-free plastic construction.
  4. Requires 4 D batteries to operate (not included).


  • Easy to schedule meals.
  • Generous capacity.
  • Cats won’t be able to open the food container.
  • Instruction manual is clear.
  • Durable construction.


  • Produces a whirring sound when rotating the trays.
  • Needs 4 batteries to run (not included).

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The PetSafe has received solid reviews from cat owners. One reviewer gave it five stars and said it’s an excellent feeder. She said it took a little bit of time for the cats to get used to it, but they did, and now it’s easy to feed them. Another reviewer said since they bought the PetSafe, their cats have never missed a meal.
The PetSafe has gotten some of the best automatic cat feeder reviews online, but there is a bit of negative feedback too. While the feeder is not perfect, when you look at all the reviews those who like it far outnumber those who have issues with it.

More Things You May Also Need

Pet Fountain

Cats like to drink from running water because it’s something they link to clean water. A pet fountain simulates this experience, and it’s an effective way to make your cat drink more water. There are many types of pet fountains, and the most efficient are those with carbon filters that eliminate foul odors. A pet fountain filter also removes debris in the water, ensuring it’s safe to drink. If your cat is being picky about drinking in bowls, a pet fountain is probably the best solution to keep him healthy and hydrated.

Cat Litter

A litter box is used to collect urine and feces. If you don’t let your cat go outside, a litter box is indispensable. Cats relieve themselves by burying their waste, and a litter box allows them to recreate this inside your house. There are also specially designed litter boxes that prevent foul odor from emanating. It is understandable why pet owners don’t want their pet cat to go outside due to the risks (running away, accidents, fighting with other cats, etc.). For this reason, you need a litter box, and it doesn’t take much to train a cat to use one either.

Dry Cat Food

The debate between dry and wet cat food goes on and on. But the best recourse is to feed your cat both probably. Dry food is more popular because you can leave it there for long periods, unlike wet food that needs to be consumed immediately. With dry food, your cat can eat at the pace he’s comfortable with. Dry food can be left in the feeder without worrying about it being spoiled. This is especially important if you’ll be gone the whole day and won’t be able to supervise your cat’s feeding. Dry cat food is also practical when feeding several cats.

How to Use an Automatic Cat Feeder Properly

The best auto cat feeder is easy to use, but read the manual that came with it just to be sure. The following is a general guide, but your cat feeder’s manual takes precedence over this. Plug the cat feeder into a power outlet or install batteries. Check your manual where to install the batteries and how many are required. Do not combine old and new batteries. Once the batteries are installed or it’s plugged in, turn the feeder on. Some units have to do a cycle before you can use it, so let it run. Remove the cover or open the lid. Pour the food in the tray(s). Put the cover back on and make sure the lid is secure. Set the clock time as per the manual instructions. Next press the mode key to display the feeding time mode. Press, hold and enter the time you want the food released. The feeder will ask you to confirm the feeding time. Confirm it and the feeder is ready. If you want to change the feeding time, just repeat the process for changing the mode as you did earlier.

Maintenance Tips

The best auto cat feeder is low maintenance. That being said, you should take care of the feeder to prolong its life.

  • Follow whatever instructions are provided in the manual. If the manual says you cannot put wet food in the feeder, do not. If the instructions say it is not dishwasher safe, clean it with your hands.
  • Clean the feeder regularly. Food leftovers could end up getting stuck in the components and affect its performance.
  • If the feeder isn’t working properly, check the wiring connection. If you’re using batteries, have it replaced periodically with a new set.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reprogram my cat feeder daily? 
Answer: Yes, most automatic cat feeders allow you to program the feeding time down to the minute. 

2. Can I use wet food in the cat feeder?
Answer: It depends on the model. Most models allow this but only for a limited amount of time i.e. 24 hours. Don’t leave the cat food for a longer period than what is specified.

3. Can my cats topple the feeder?
Answer: No, they can’t. These models have a stable base, and they won’t be able to remove the lid.

4. Why is my automatic cat feeder not working?
Answer: There are many possible causes, but the most likely are faulty wiring, or the battery needs replacement.

5. Will my cat get used to this?
Answer: Yes, though the first few times you may have to accompany them to the feeder and show how it works.

My Recommendations

I will recommend the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder and the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. The PetSafe is easy to program and can store a lot of food. I also like its anti-jam feature, and you can disassemble it for quick cleanup.
The Feed and Go Smart Feeder is just as versatile. It has a simple, but effective design, and it handles wet and dry food well. Its Wi-Fi connectivity is another plus, perfect for keeping an eye on your pet. Both of them are well designed and should last a long time.

Final Words

Veterinarians tell us cats need to be fed regularly. As much as we love our pets, there are times when we’re busy. With an automatic cat feeder, you can rest easy knowing there’s always food for your furry friend.
There used to be a time when automatic cat feeders were considered a novelty or toy. But if you’ve got lots of pets and want to make sure they’re properly fed, consider getting one of these. This article has one purpose, to help you find the best auto cat feeder, and with the ones I recommended, you and your cat will both be happy.


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