Best CB Antenna Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best cb antenna reviews

Since you came her looking for the best CB antenna, I won’t waste your time and have prepared this review guide. Even if you have a good CB radio it’s not going to be of much use without a good antenna. Choosing a CB radio is not enough as you have to make sure the antenna is right for your needs as well. While you can purchase these antennas online, understanding of their properties is essential. Rather than go through various websites, I have gathered all the vital information here so you don’t have to. Let’s start.

Why need a CB Antenna

When people talk about CB antennas, they equate it with signals. Indeed a CB antenna catches radio frequency signals and turns them into electrical signals. This conversion is necessary so the receiver can use them. These antennas also make tuning possible. If the radio antenna generates the right radio-frequency signals, it’s going to correspond with the wavelength of the radio frequency being transmitted. Today’s modern CB transceivers have more than channels. Each one has a unique frequency. It is not possible to set up a separate antenna for all of them. What these antennas do is select frequencies in the spectrum. With a good antenna you’ll also be able to measure the SWR (Standing Wave Radio) of the cable and antenna. Now you just need to tune the antenna until you get to the appropriate SWR. There are different types of CB antennas, but they follow these basic principles. All of this information means that CB antennas improve radio signals. You don’t need to know all the technical details. However, basic understanding helps you decide what to buy. In the following section we will take a closer look at its advantages and benefits.

Advantages of the CB Antenna

Avoid Signal Blocking: The best CB antenna provides consistent transmission even if you’re in a camper or large trailer. A powerful antenna is especially useful if you mount it on an 18 wheeler. In these cases a dual antenna setup is even better. Whether it is a single or dual set up, a CB antenna ensures you’re not going to experience fewer dead spots. With a well-made antenna, it is going to “see” and pick up more signals.

Enhance Range: A CB antenna boosts both receive and transmission ranges. These devices transmit a circular, even signal. They are capable of receiving and sending signals in every direction. Other CB antennas have a more oval shape. In some cases the oval is even better because the signal pattern is stretched. You can configure the antenna and extend its range. The farther the range the easier you’ll be able to communicate.

Types of CB Antenna

There are two types of bench grinder—Fiberglass Antennas, No Ground Plane Antennas (NGP), Magnet Mount Antennas, Whip Antennas and Trucker Antennas.

Fiberglass Antennas

These antennas are 2" to 7" long. Constructed from fiberglass, the antenna is encased in a plastic wrap. The toil is often found on the top of the antenna. The range is from to 2 to 7 miles depending on the length.


  • Durable.
  • Can be mounted in various locations.


  • Range varies.

These antennas are often found on boats and RVs. These can also be installed in any vehicle that does not have a steel chassis.

No Ground Plane Antennas (NGP)

These antennas are often found on boats and RVs. These can also be installed in any vehicle that does not have a steel chassis


  • You can use it without any metal.
  • Widely available.


  • Limited range.

Magnet Mount Antennas

These antennas have a magnetized base to keep the antenna in place. A package comes with the antenna, magnetic mount and coax. The coil usually consists of a plastic and magnetic assembly. The range is 3 to 7 miles.


  • Easy to install.
  • Solid performance.


  • Not as durable as other CB antennas.

Trucker Antennas

These antennas earned this name because they’re often found on trucks. Their most conspicuous feature is its stainless steel construction. The coil is situated on the shaft and set in plastic. The range is around 7 to 10 miles.


  • Good performance.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Expensive.

Whip Antennas

Whip antennas are very popular nowadays because of their reliability. They don’t have any coil. They don’t require one and have a distance of 10 miles or more.


  • Excellent range.
  • Affordable.


  • Whip antennas are large, up to 102 inches.

Each antenna has its own pros and cons. Each one also has its own unique purpose. If you’re a trucker or spend a lot of time in RVs you may need a specific type.

CB Antenna Based on Their Coil Location

There are two types of bench grinder—Base Loaded Antennas, Center Loaded Antennas and Top Loaded Antennas.

Base Loaded Antennas

Among the best CB antenna are those which have the coil at the base. Most roof and magnet mounted antennas are base mounted. These are all-in-one units which come with the cable, mount and antenna. Base mounted antennas are easy to mount. Because they are all-in-one, installation is easier compared to other units. They also have thick coils and very good range.

Center Loaded Antennas

Contrary to what most people believe, the coil is not located in the center. Rather it is close to the back. Most of them have a shaft made of stainless steel. The coil is located over this shaft. The majority of truckers use this type of antenna. The coils on center loaded antennas are tighter than those on others. The wattage is also good.

Center Loaded Antennas

These antennas are often made of fiberglass. The higher quality fiberglass antennas have a thin wire which covers the exterior shaft of the antenna. These antennas are sold everywhere and among the most affordable. These antennas are easy to set up. These are also versatile antennas and the cheapest ones sold. You can also install these lower than other antennas.

Things To Consider Before Buying a CB antenna

Antenna Length: Length or range is the most crucial factor. The ideal range is ¼ wavelength. That is 8.5 feet or 102 inches. However there are other options available as shown above. How and where you intend to use the CB antenna determines what length is suitable for you. The guidelines on the antenna types I posted above should help you decide.

Antenna Type: Choose the desired type. Refer to the section above for more information about the variants. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You should assess their features and decide if it’s the right one.

Mount Location: You can mount a CB antenna anywhere on your vehicle. However there are some locations which produce a stronger signal than others. Here are some suggestions, regardless of the CB antenna type you buy:

  1. The higher the antenna is set on your vehicle, the clearer the signal.
  2. For maximum performance, half of the antenna has to be set over the roofline.
  3. The antenna coil needs to be set over your vehicle’s roof line.

Installation Quality: The best CB antenna is easy to set up. Magnet mount antennas are the easiest to set up. Thanks to advances in technology, other types of CB antennas are now easier to install as well.

Durability: These antennas are built for long term use. Since they’re installed on vehicles a few bumps and hits are inevitable. With the right antenna it’s going to last a long time.

Power Handling: The more power / wattage the antenna can handle, the clearer the signal will be. Location plays a vital role in obtaining signals. However the power inherent in the antenna is just as crucial. Some opt for a dual antenna setup to generate more power and improve the range.

Frequency Bandwidth: High quality CB antennas allow you to communicate with people over several channels. The higher the frequency bandwidth the more channels you’re going to receive.

Antenna Quality: Well built CB antennas have durable components. Since these antennas will be exposed on your vehicle, you cannot settle for anything less than the best. The good news is competition has brought the price down.

Radio Power/SSB: The best CB antenna products often make a big deal out of SSB. SSB (single-sideband modulation) refers to the amplitude modulation refinement. In simple terms it refers to how the antenna handles bandwidth and power.

Our Pick For Best CB Antenna

We made a short list of 5 best CB antenna for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best CB Antenna

Here is the short review of each best CB antenna that we selected for you.

1. Solarcon A-99 CB Base Station Antenna

Solarcon A-99 CB Base Station Antenna

The Solarcon is one of the best CB antenna I have come across in a while. The fiberglass base is solid and well balanced. The signal is strong, and that’s to be expected with its 200 watt capacity. Tuning is easy and I like being able to reach various SWR readings. The antenna requires some assembly. However the instructions make this easy to follow. All the required hardware is bundled with the product. Each piece is nicely package, making assembly easier. When compared to other CB antennas, the signal is much clearer and better for communications.


  1. 1/2 wave glassfibre base station antenna.
  2. Operates 10-17 Meters with Tuner.
  3. Covers far above and below the traditional C.B. channels for export, commercial and 10 meter ham band use.
  4. Handles 2000watts SWR 2MHz bandwidth (under 2:1 SWR).
  5. Insulated up to 14,500volts.
  6. The A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave variable mutual transductance tuned antenna.
  7. Comes in three sections, Easy to assemble.
  8. Entire antenna radiates – 9.9 DBI Gain.
  9. Each antenna individually tested.
  10. Meets U.S. Government CPSC shocks hazard standards. Protects up to 14,500 volts.
  11. DC grounded so it’s quiet and discharges static.
  12. Works from 18MHz to 28 MHz (with an antenna tuner).
  13. Female UHF Coax Connection.
  14. Height 17.5′ Feet Tall.


  • Made of high quality fiberglass.
  • Can withstand strong winds.
  • Durable mounting plate.
  • Can be mounted in different locations.
  • Improves signal.
  • No Ground Needed.


  • One customer says the product arrived late.
  • One customer complained the shaft got bent after installation.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The reviews are generally favorable. One reviewer says the Solarcon “greatly improved” the signals. Another customer says it’s a very effective antenna and does what it should. Still another reviewer posted the Solarcon is easy to install and use. The same reviewer also says the antenna provides a clearer reception than others.
Most of the four and five star reviews come from customers who had tried other antennas. Most of them agree the Solarcon offers a clearer signal. One buyer even said she’ll recommend the antenna to her friends. There are actually very few negative reviews. This is an indication of how good it is.

2. FireStik FL3-B Three Foot FireFly Antenna

FireStik FL3-B Three Foot FireFly Antenna

Anytime we talk about the best CB antenna we have to mention FireStik. The company is known for their quality products and this no exception. The first thing I noticed about the FL3-B is how light it is compared to others. In spite of this, the FL3-B provides good, clear signals. Even if you’re separated by a few miles the reception is still good. The coil design is one of the best I’ve seen too.


  1. Weight 7.2 ounces.
  2. Range 2-3 miles on the highway.
  3. Able to get Swr below 1.1 with this antenna.
  4. Flexible fiberglass tube.
  5. Made in USA.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable construction.
  • Clear signal.
  • Mounting is easy.
  • Manual is detailed.
  • Great customer service.
  • Making small adjustments is quick.


  • One customer says tuning is tricky.
  • The antenna is a bit stiff though still flexible.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

As one of the best CB antenna in its range, the Little Wil has gotten some solid reviews. One customer says it simply works. Another one expressed satisfaction with the performance. The reviewer says he uses it to complement his regular antenna. A long time user of Wilson antenna also posted a review. In it she stated the Little Wil is just what she needs.
The general consensus among customers is the Little Wil works best in small vehicles. Most of the negative reviews stem from those who use it on large trucks and vans. This little antenna is not designed for those. It’s a compact CB antenna and works as such. Compared to other small CB antennas, the Little Wil is more effective.

3. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

I have to include the Wilson Little Wil in my list of the best CB antenna. From the base to tip the whole thing is about 10 inches. One wouldn’t expect much out of such an antenna. However the Little Wil does work. It doesn’t compare to larger antennas, but it holds up well among its class. Not everyone needs a large, powerful antenna. If you just need a small one for your car, this will be sufficient.


  1. Large 10 oz. Magnet.
  2. 300 Watts Power Handling Capability (ICAS).
  3. Made with High Impact Thermoplastic.
  4. Heavy-Duty Coil Uses 14-Gauge Copper Wire.
  5. Low Loss Coil Design.
  6. 36″ 17-7 PH Stainless Steel Whip Base Load Antenna.
  7. can tune it up into the 10 meter band.
  8. Carded Package.


  • Compact but powerful.
  • Comes with a coax cable.
  • PL259 connector is included.
  • Tuning is easy.
  • Magnet is strong.


  • The antenna is a bit long for cars.
  • The instructions could have been clearer.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

As one of the best CB antenna in its range, the Little Wil has gotten some solid reviews. One customer says it simply works. Another one expressed satisfaction with the performance. The reviewer says he uses it to complement his regular antenna. A long time user of Wilson antenna also posted a review. In it she stated the Little Wil is just what she needs.
The general consensus among customers is the Little Wil works best in small vehicles. Most of the negative reviews stem from those who use it on large trucks and vans. This little antenna is not designed for those. It’s a compact CB antenna and works as such. Compared to other small CB antennas, the Little Wil is more effective.

4. Cobra CBRHGA1500 36-Inch Base-Load Medium Magnet Mount 300W CB Antenna

Cobra CBRHGA1500 36-Inch Base-Load Medium Magnet Mount 300W CB Antenna

The Cobra is what I’d call a good example of a no-frills CB antenna. I had no problems setting it up and frequency range is impressive. There is a bit of assembly needed. However it’s easy to do as the instructions are clear. Another reason I consider this one of the best CB antenna is its reliability. The Cobra works especially well for small vehicles. The magnet is strong and the antenna is good. Mounting on different locations on a car doesn’t affect its range or signal either. Overall this is a good buy.


  1. Magnet-mount Antenna.
  2. Weight 1.75 lbs.
  3. Height 36″
  4. Base/Magnet 4″
  5. 300 Watt Handling Power with 26-30 MHz frequency Range.
  6. Weather Channel Capable.
  7. Base Loaded Medium Magnet Mount CB Antenna.
  8. SO 239 Connector.
  9. Black stainless steel whip and hardware.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Antenna holds up even when driving on the highway.
  • Magnet mount is included.
  • Range is pretty good.


  • The set screw could have been more secure.
  • Tuning requires some practice.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

I checked the reviews for the Cobra and they’re favorable. One customer who bought the antenna says it works great. Another customer who bought the Cobra says he is “100% satisfied”. One long time user of CB radio says the Cobra is everything he thought it would be.
Not all the reviews have been positive. One common complaint is the antenna doesn’t have good range. But as other reviewers have said, this isn’t true. The range is good but just needs tuning. After going through the reviews, it is clear that most customers are satisfied with the results. The antenna range is superb and it doesn’t look too bad either.

5. Hustler Ic56 102″ Stainless Steel CB Radio Whip Antenna 

The Hustler is another good example of a quality CB antenna. At 102 inches long, the Hustler provides very strong signals. The range is top notch and it is not affected even when you’re driving in different locations. Mounting is easier compared to those of other antennas. Aside from the length, the strength of the antenna is something else. Yu can bend this 180 degrees and it won’t break. The tip also has dissipation to prevent static. This isn’t just some fancy feature but actually works. Quality is good and the signal is really strong.


  1. 102″ long.
  2. Fits all 3/8 x 24 threaded mounts.
  3. Finest 17-7 ph tapered stainless steel.
  4. Can be bent 180 degrees.
  5. No set screws on mounting stud.
  6. Frequency range is 26-30 MHz.
  7. 500 watt power rating.


  • Signal power is excellent.
  • No degradation of signal even in high traffic areas.
  • Durable.
  • Easy set up.
  • Looks great.


  • The antenna is 102 inches long.
  • One reviewer says it bends too quickly.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

After going through the customer feedback, it’s clear the Hustler has gotten some of the best CB antenna reviews yet. One customer says the Hustler antenna works the way he believed it would. Another reviewer says it is the best CB antenna he has ever tried. The reviewer had tried a wide range of CB antennas. Based on his experience, this had the strongest signal.
One customer says she always had problems with SWR in her car. She purchased the Hustler and is happy with the results. There are also a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews online, and they all say the Hustler antenna performs admirably.

Accessories for a CB antenna

Coaxial Cable

Steren 205-750 50-Feet UHF-UHF Mini-RG8x Cable

A coaxial cable reduces noise and provides multiple channel support. They also cut down errors and improve performance. A coaxial cable also allows for a wider input. In addition, a coaxial cable offers more room between its amplifiers. It is this feature that eliminates crosstalk and noise. When you are buying a coaxial cable for your CB antenna, try and get the RG8X. This type of coax is thicker than the RG58. It will offer better performance and will last longer than the RG58. Here is our suggesion – go for Steren 205-750 50-Feet UHF-UHF Mini-RG8x Cable. We put a buying link below-

External Speaker

An external speaker improves the audio quality. Are you unhappy with the tinny sound coming from your CB radio? Get one of these speakers and hear the difference in quality. There are a lot of external speakers for CB radios, and it complements a powerful antenna.

Rectangular External Communications Speaker for Ham Radio, CB & Scanners

Rectangular External Communications Speaker for Ham Radio, CB & Scanners

Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

SWR Meter

Signstek Professional UV Dual Band Standing-Wave Meter Power Meter SWR Meter

An SWR meter measures the transmission line standing wave ratio. You use this device to determine the compatibility of the antenna and transmission line. You can also use an SWR meter to assess impedance efficiency. Just like coaxial cables and external speakers, there are several options to choose from. Our suggesion is buy Signstek Professional UV Dual Band Standing-Wave Meter Power Meter SWR Meter from the below link-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is more important, the CB radio or antenna?
Answer: Every CB radio has a maximum transmission power of 4 watts. This is true no matter what the price is. For this reason, an antenna plays a bigger role in determining transmission power.

2. What kind of antenna should I buy?
Answer: There are a lot of factors to consider. But as a general rule, trunk and magnet antennas are suited for cars. Top loaded antennas are for trucks and whip antennas for semis.

3. Which antenna brand is best?
Answer: Please refer to the top products review section in this guide.

4. Is my antenna compatible with X mount?
Answer: CB antennas have a connecting thread measuring 3/8″ x 24. This is compatible with virtually all antenna mounts. What is more important is to ensure the mount is durable enough for the antenna.

Final Word

There are some things we take for granted, and a CB antenna is one of them. Often people don’t even think about it until something goes wrong. Others settle for whatever antenna online because of lack of information about them. But settling for a mediocre brand is just going to cause frustration.
With my best CB antenna reviews, you now have five products to choose from. You decide which to buy as they’re all good. And if you want to find your own, the buyer’s guide can help too. The point is you have a choice now.


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