Best Electric Stapler Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best electric stapler reviews

If you’re after the best electric stapler reviews, this is the right website. Like most everyone, I’ve used a lot of different staplers, some good and some terrible. Maybe you’re more familiar with the traditional, manual stapler and wondering if it’s worth getting an electric version. That is what these reviews are for, as I’ve narrowed the list down to the top 5 electric staplers. Before we proceed to the reviews, let’s take a look at the reasons why electric staplers have become so popular. If you’ve never used one of these before, I’ll explain how to do so safely later.

Why You Need an Electric Stapler

The best electric stapler is a versatile tool that can do a little bit of everything. A stapler is basically a device used to attach pieces of paper together. You’re probably familiar with the manual stapler, and while it has its uses, the electric stapler is taking its place because it has more usages.

  1. The primary use of an electric stapler is binding papers and documents together. When you put them together, they won’t come apart because the staple is embedded.
  2. These devices are used in homes and offices to reduce clutter. After printing several sheets, you use an electric stapler to organize them in the order you want.
  3. An electric stapler can be used to safeguard the contents of an envelope.
  4. Electric staplers are often used by employees to keep their desks clean. If you’re printing a lot of paper or doing general cleaning, you can staple the sheets so you don’t have to keep arranging and rearranging them.
  5. Their use is not limited to the home or office, as it extends to the classroom as well. Students use them to bind their reports, folders and other materials they’ll use for their projects.

Advantages of the Electric Stapler

  • The best electric stapler ensures binding is easy and quick.
  • Electric staplers are easy to use and don’t require as much force as manual staplers.
  • If you have to staple a lot of papers, a manual stapler may not be up to the task, but an electric stapler can handle it.
  • Electric staplers are faster than manual staplers. You’ll be able to staple more papers and boost productivity.
  • Electric staplers use the same type of staples which manual staplers do, so you don’t have to buy any new supplies.
  • You can run them on batteries or via a power outlet.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric stapler

There are a lot of factors that you have to look into, but the following are the most important.

Number of Staples: How many staples are included in the stapler? Some are good for stapling a couple dozen sheets, while high end electric staplers have thousands. The more staples included the longer the time between purchasing of new staples.

Capacity: Capacity ranges from 12 to 80 sheets or higher. When going over the capacity, keep in mind this in reference to its use for multiple stack sizes. Larger capacity is not always better as it depends on your needs.

Size: A large stapler has more capabilities. But if you’ve got a crowded desk, look for a smaller stapler. Size is also a concern if you’re concerned about portability. If you want a portable electric stapler, look for one that’s battery operated.

Features: Electric staplers today come with all sorts of extra features, but it’s up to you to decide which ones are necessary. Some features are essential like being paper jam free, quiet operation and fast stapling. Other staplers let you decide when it activates. You may also look for other features like a staple position guide so you can accurately place the staple. A low staple indicator helps too. Electric staplers come with some sort of staple storage system. This is where the staples are readied for reloading. Staplers use different types of storage systems so you should check it out.

Our Pick  For Best Electric Stapler

We made a short list of 5 best electric stapler for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best Electric Stapler

Here is the short review of all the best electric stapler that we selected for you.

1. GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler

GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler When we talk of the best electric stapler, the GM-X should be included in the discussion. I’ve added it here because it’s fast, quiet and effective. You can staple 2 dozen sheets and it doesn’t jam. To reload you just press one button, and it’s compact too. I also like its stylish design and how comfortable it is to hold. For these reasons I’ve included it in this list.

Special Features:

  1. Automatic, jam-free stapling of up to 25 sheets of standard 20lb paper.
  2. Adjustable stapling depth from 0.2″ – 1.6″ range with 8/10 inch intervals gives it a long reach and precision stapling.
  3. Can be operated corded or cordless on AC or 6 AA batteries.
  4. Staple up to 8,000 times before ever needing to replace them.


  • This stapler is durable and resistant to impact.
  • The depth is easy to adjust.
  • Staples and AC adapter are included.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable performance.


  • Instructions are not well written, but it’s easy to use anyway.
  • One reviewer said the GM-X made noise when the paper is inserted.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best electric stapler reviews have been focused on its performance. One reviewer who gave the GM-X 5 stars says it’s great for office work. He says the stapler staples paper stacks neatly. He also says it is quiet and doesn’t jam. At the end of the review he says it is high quality and made his life easier.
There are a lot of other short but meaningful reviews about the GM-X online. Most have given it 4 or 5 stars for its performance. One customer says it works as advertised. Another just said it’s “great”. These sentiments are echoed by other customers who are happy with its performance.

2. EcoElectronix Heavy Duty Automatic Electric Stapler

EcoElectronix Heavy Duty Automatic Electric Stapler

Some of the best electric stapler reviews have been given for this model and they’re well-earned. I can use it to staple 25 standard sheets. It comes with an AC adapter and you can use batteries as well. During my tests the stapler never jammed. I also like that it has a lifetime replacement warranty and it’s easy to use. It is also precise.

Special Features:

  1. Dimensions: 7 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches.
  2. Weight: 12.2 oz.
  3. Eco-friendly materials.
  4. Adjustable stapling guide gives you 14 precision depth settings to choose from.
  5. Precision depth guide lets you adjust stapling depth between 0.25″ and 1.5″ by 1/10″ intervals.
  6. Extended battery life lets you staple up to 8,000 stacks of paper before battery replacement.


  • Solid construction and design.
  • Stapler has a large capacity.
  • Made from environment friendly materials.
  • Jam free mechanism.
  • Battery life good for 8,000 stacks of paper.
  • Perfect for office workers or students.


  • Staple drawer is a bit stiff to draw out.
  • One reviewer said the stapler is a bit noisy.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The reviews for this stapler are favorable. One customer gave this 5 stars and says it’s simple to use and is ideal for home and office use. He also says the stapler is compact and easy to carry around. He also says the stapler is more convenient to use than manual staplers. He says that overall he is very happy with its capabilities.
Another customer said the stapler offers “flawless” performance. According to the reviewer, this stapler is solidly built and allows her to staple lots of papers. There are other five star reviews from customers who say the same thing. One customer says it’s just great. Overall most of them are content with its performance.

3. Amaze Tech Electric Stapler- Heavy Duty Automatic Jam-Free Office Stapler

Amaze Tech Electric Stapler- Heavy Duty Automatic Jam-Free Office Stapler

I have to say the Amaze Tech is deserving of its name as it is one of the best electric stapler today. It feels solid in my hands but is light enough to carry. With it you can up to two dozen sheets of paper. Even with repeated use the stapler doesn’t jam, something everyone can appreciate. If you’re really particular, you can even modify the depth.

Special Features:

  1. Size: 7 x 2 x 2.8 inches.
  2. Weight: 12 oz.
  3. You can effectively staple up to 25 pages of standard paper Jam-Free.
  4. You can adjust the stapling to 14 different depths by 1/10 of an inch intervals.
  5. It has 2 different power sources, AC power and Batteries.
  6. Can staple up to 25 pages at once super quick.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Has a capacity of 210 staples.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Works with batteries and AC adapter.
  • Stapling depth is adjustable.
  • Jam free design.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • Cannot be used with ½" staples.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best electric stapler reviews have come from office employees and workers. One 5 star review came from someone who was looking for a reliable electric stapler. He says the Amaze stapler works great. The reviewer says it is quiet and great for heavy stapling.
Another customer says the Amaze Tech stapler is very handy since he can use it wherever he goes. The customer said he’s been looking for a portable stapler and this fits the bill. One customer even posted a video review of the Amaze Tech showing how it works.
There are very few negative reviews for the Amaze Tech. This is testament to its quality. There are a lot of good staplers online, but I have to concur with the positive reviews and say this is one of the better ones.

4. OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated Stapler

OfficeGoods Electric and Battery Operated Stapler

The Liberty Pro 25 is designed for home and office use and is one of the best electric stapler. You’re going to like its mechanism as it allows for continuous stapling. The stapler is small but powerful, and it’s loaded with staples. Yu can use it out of the box and it staples lots of papers quickly. It needs six batteries to run, but there’s an AC adapter included.

Special Features:

  1. Dimensions: 7 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches
  2. Weight: 12.5 oz.
  3. The staple guide can be adjusted by 1/10 inch intervals between .25 inches and 1.5 inches giving 14 positions to choose from.
  4. It consistently staples up to 25 sheets for a professional appearance.
  5. Uses standard size staples.
  6. A precision adjusting guide goes from .25” up to 1.5″ is also included to ensure consistency of staple placement.
  7. A highly efficient, fast, space-saving electric & battery operated electric stapler.


  • Compact, space saving design.
  • The stapler has nonslip feet so it remains in place.
  • Papers don’t get jammed.
  • Compatible with standard staples.
  • Easy to reload.


  • The stapler is a little loud.
  • The batteries are not included.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The reviews for the OfficeGoods are very positive. The best electric stapler reviews have given it 5 stars for performance and dependability. One customer gave it 5 and said it’s just what he needs for the office. He says there was a large project had to work on and involved a lot of paperwork. The OfficeGoods stapler was able to staple the papers without trouble.
Another customer gave this electric stapler 5 stars. She says this is ideal for her office work. The reviewer also added their office used to have large, clunky staplers that were difficult to use. Now she says with the OfficeGoods stapler it’s easier to organize papers. There is also a 5 star customer review from another office worker. According to the reviewer, this is a major upgrade from his old stapler.

5. Bostitch B8 Impulse 45 No-Jam Electric Stapler

Bostitch B8 Impulse 45 No-Jam Electric Stapler

The Impulse is one of the best electric stapler Bostitch has come up with. I was expecting a heavy duty stapler and wasn’t disappointed. Its Impulse Drive technology for 3X faster stapling speed works as advertised. With this you can staple large tacks much faster than with regular staplers. The system doesn’t jam either. The stapler also comes with suction feet so it won’t slid.

Special Features:

  1. Uses 1/4 Inch and 3/8 Inch B8 PowerCrown premium staples.
  2. Refill alert light indicates when to reload staples.
  3. Fast relaod push button staple refill system.
  4. Includes 5,000 B8 PowerCrown 1/4″ Staples.
  5. Full Strip (210 Staples).


  • Stapling is quick and jam free.
  • Compact but durable construction.
  • Can staple up to 45 sheets.
  • You can use regular staples.
  • Easy to reload.


  • Better suited for thick stacks than 2 to 3 paper sheets.
  • Makes some noise when used.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Reviews for the Impulse have mostly positive things to say about it. One reviewer says the Impulse stapler is the most effective stapler he’s tried. He used to have a large stapler that was ineffective and jammed a lot. Now with the Impulse he’s able to do a lot more work without messing up any of his papers. He also says the stapler has performed reliably.
The best electric stapler reviews have also focused on its smooth operation. The 4 and 5 star reviews have expressed satisfaction with its performance. One of those who bought the stapler said it is just what he needed to get all his papers in order. Other buyers share the same view.
This is the general consensus about the Impulse stapler. While some reviews are negative, the majority have nothing but good things to say about it.

How to Reload an Electric Stapler Safely

  • To load your electric stapler, turn it off first. Depending on the stapler you might need to press a button or unplug it form the power outlet.
  • Lift the top cover or press a lever or button. This will show you the interior system where the staples are to be stored. It’s not really that different from those found in regular staplers.
  • Pull the front loading mechanism out.
  • Put some staples in this mechanism and ensure the spring pushes the staples to the front.
  • Put the loading mechanism back into place. There should be a click indicating it’s been properly set. Replace the lid, making sure it’s tight.
  • Turn on the electric stapler by plugging it into a power outlet or pressing an on/off button. Test the stapler on a couple pieces of paper to see if you installed it correctly.

Maintenance Tips 

Even the best electric stapler needs some upkeep to remain in good condition, but unlike other office utilities electric staplers need just low key maintenance.

  • Periodically check for any broken components, misaligned parts or problems with the components.
  • If you hear unusual sounds or it vibrates, stop using and check the stapler for signs of damage.
  • If the stapler runs on batteries, check it regularly if it needs replacement.
  • Wipe the electric stapler each time you use it. If you’ve got a crowded desk and, dirt and dust could accumulate and affect its functions.
  • Make sure the staplers are loaded properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sheets can an electric stapler staple? 
Answer: On the average it’s around 25 sheets, but it could vary. Check your user’s manual.

2. Why is my battery run stapler not working?
Answer: This is a sign the battery needs to be replaced. Always replace both batteries simultaneously. Don’t mix old and new batteries as that could damage the stapler.

3. How do I fix a jammed stapler?
Answer: Open the electric stapler. Open the staple storage and take out the working staples. Use a need nose plier or tweezers to remove the jammed staples.

4. How do I prevent my stapler from jamming?
Answer: Use only staples which have been designed for that stapler. This information will be in the manual.

5. Do staplers reload the same way?
Answer: No they do not. Electric staplers use different methods so follow the directions as indicated for your particular stapler.

For Those Of You Who Are Still Unsure

I give the nod to the GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler and the EcoElectronix Heavy Duty Automatic Electric Stapler. Both of these are truly deserving of the title best electric stapler as they’re reliable.
The GM-X is easy to use, dependable and staples sheets of papers quickly. It does not jam and works without a hitch. The GM-X is also compact and portable. The EcoElectronix is just as versatile, and true to the claim, it is designed for heavy duty use.
Both of these staplers earn my highest recommendations. For office and home use, they’re the ones you can rely on.

Final Word

There are some office utilities we take for granted and don’t think much about until they stop working. The stapler is a good example of that. We use staplers at the office and home all the time and think nothing of it. But if the stapler doesn’t work then we get frustrated.
With this guide to the best electric stapler I hope you can now find the right for your particular requirements. Even though staplers may look the same, they’re not, and the quality of the stapler should never be underestimated. With the information here you will get maximum value for your money.


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