Best Glue Gun Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

best glue gun reviews

The best glue gun isn’t just something that hobbyists and weekend warriors will appreciate having in their tool box. A glue gun will always come in handy at home, whether it is for scrapbooking, making holiday decorations, or reupholstering your sofa for a fresher look. Glue guns are relatively inexpensive as well as the glue sticks needed to use them. Aside from the low cost, glue guns are also relatively easy to use. When taken care of, glue guns can last for a long time. More importantly, glue guns are very effective in adjoining practically all types of materials.

Why need a Glue Gun

The best glue gun is not only for use of people who are into arts and crafts. You can also use it for repair works. From bonding loose pieces of furniture like wooden legs of tables and chairs, a glue gun comes in handy. You can also use it for repairing old shoes or join up any bits of plastic in your car’s radiator grille. If you like to get into arts and craft, then a glue gun is one of the first things you will have to get. You can use it for adding beads or decorations, creating dried flower crafts, making holiday decorations, or attaching pine cones to a grapevine wreath. Even simple applications like decorating your picture frames with seashells can be done using the best glue gun.

Types of Grease Guns

Glue guns can be classified into three types—low temperature, high temperature, and dual temperature. Each one has its pros and cons.

High-temperature glue guns can melt glue at 380 degrees. This is ideal for bonding materials like wood. This is the type of glue gun you need for larger jobs like repairing house siding or floorboards.

On the other hand, low-temperature glue guns at around 250 degrees and can be used to materials like light plastic and fabrics.

Dual temp glue guns combine the benefits of high temp and low temp glue guns. It is ideal for crafts and DIY projects. It has a low and high switch so you can choose the right temperature setting for your project.

Glue Gun Brands

There are many glue gun brands in the market such as

Surebonder: Arguably the best brand of glue gun in the market, the company sells glue guns for home and industrial applications. Its glue guns are known for being very durable, easy to use, and of superior build quality.

BSTPOWER: This is another well-respected maker of the glue gun. Its glue guns are known for being ergonomically designed. You can use their glue guns for an extended period.

Stanley: Stanley is known for producing good quality glue guns at a reasonable price.

CCbetter: You can also be assured of the build quality and durability of glue guns made by this brand.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Glue Gun

Trigger Feed: Glue guns are either of the trigger feed or push feed variety. In a trigger feed gun, the glue is distributed on a surface by pulling the trigger. But with a push-feed or manual model, you need to insert the glue stick into the hole of the glue gun. Then you have to apply pressure by using your thumb to feed the glue through the glue gun’s nozzle.

Design: You will have to choose between a mini glue gun or industrial glue gun. The former is easier to hold because it is lighter. It is ideal for use in tight spaces. But the glue sticks used in a mini glue gun won’t last long. Industrial glue guns expel a lot more glue compared to the mini glue guns. But their glue sticks are far more expensive. This type of glue gun is best suited for experienced users.

Wattage: Wattage is one of the most important things of a glue gun. Don’t waste energy ; 100 watt is enough for any sort of work. But you can choice depending on how much power you need.

Interchangeable tips: Nozzles should be interchangeable according to the sort of the work. This thing will ease your work mostly.

Warm up time: Most glue guns will need 3 to 5 minutes to warm up.

Cord length: The long length of the cord means you don’t have to be restricted to work in a place near the wall outlet. But it can also mean that the cord could get entangled and could trip small children and pets.

Glue gun stand: Select a strong glue gun having quality. Make sure the stand is offering safety as well.

Suits specific purpose: Your work may vary from time to time. Purchase that one that suits your specific purposes.

Price: Compare prices of glue guns if budget is one of your main considerations.

Our Pick For Best Glue Gun

We made a short list of 5 best glue gun for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best Glue Gun

Here is the short review of each best glue gun that we selected for you. These reviews definitely help you to chose the best glue gun that is best suited for you.

1. MELTOX Premium Dual Wattage Hot Glue Gun

MELTOX Premium Dual Wattage Hot Glue Gun

This is best glue gun for people who are just starting to get into arts and crafts. It comes in a bundle with 12 standard 7/16″ diameter (11mm) extra long 8″ (200mm) free all-purpose glue sticks with a bonus e-book. It is good enough for putting together wood, metal, paper, plastic, ceramics, and other materials. It features an overheating case with thermal insulation for safety. It is easy to use as well.


  1. Dimensions : 9.6 inch. x14.4 inch. x2.3 inch.
  2. Voltage: 110 to 240 voltage and 50-60Hz Trigger Feed
  3. Wattage: 60 or 100 Watts adjustable
  4. Cord length: 4 ft 7inch
  5. Glue stick length: 8″ (200mm)
  6. Glue stick Diameter: 7/16″ diameter (11mm)


  • Dual wattage option allows for light and heavy duty jobs.
  • It is idea for both casual and experienced users.
  • It is big and comfortable to hold compared to smaller glue guns.
  • Light indicator to tell users whether the unit is working on 100 watts or 60 watts.
  • It has a flip out stand that you can use to keep the gun standing in between gluing.
  • Very minimal glue dripping down.


  • It has no on/off switch.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The consensus among users is that this is one of the best deals for people who want a glue gun starter kit. It has everything one would need from a glue gun. First of all, the customers praise its damage free packaging. everyone agree that it heats up pretty quickly. One customer said that it is an excellent glue gun that’s worth the price. So no wonder why this glue gun gets a lot of positive feedback and rating.

2. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

This is the best glue gun for beginner and experienced users. It comes in with 25 glue sticks(0.27 inch *10 inch each) with super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties. The glue gun itself heats up in 3 to 5 minutes, and able to keep a consistent temperature. It also has a power switch with LED light. It can be very useful for school, home, and office DIY craft projects.


  1. Materials: Plastic & Aluminum
  2. Working power: 20W
  3. Working voltage: 100 to 230V
  4. Working temperature: 356 to 392℉
  5. Nozzle diameter: 0.070-0.078 inch
  6. Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
  7. Cable length: 47 inch
  8. Size: 5.1 inch*4.3 inch*1 inch
  9. Glue sticks cure time: 10-20S
  10. Glue sticks size: 0.27-0.29 inch (diameter)*10 inch (length)


  • The manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has an on/off switch.
  • Its nozzle fits well in small cracks way better than those of bigger glue guns.
  • It has an LED light indicator that shows you that the unit is on.
  • The trigger maintains constant glue flow; no need to manually adjust the glue stick.
  • It heats up pretty quick.
  • The trigger is very easy to use.


  • The kickstand isn’t that sturdy.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The consensus among reviewers is that this best glue gun is very easy to use. They also agree that it heats up relatively fast, and that the glue doesn’t stick that easily. One reviewer described it like that “Well deserved 5 stars, A must have tool in any household.” Most of the customers said it is an awesome product for the price.

3. BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature 100W Professional

BSTPOWER Hot Glue Gun Adjustable Temperature 100W Professional

This is another excellent pick if you are shopping for a glue gun. It has an adjustable temperature control and a cord that measures almost 5.5 inches long so you can maneuver it better. It heats up quickly, between 3 to 5 minutes. It has an automatic thermostat to save energy and also to act as a safety feature. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold.


  1. Temperature ranges: 100°C to 220°C (212°F – 428°F)
  2. Frequency:50-60HZ
  3. Voltage:100-240V
  4. Weight:245g
  5. Cable Length:140mm
  6. Size:190*110mm
  7. Melting out: 15-20g/min
  8. Glue sticks size: 7/16″ diameter (between 10.8mm-11.8mm) 10″ length


  • It has a non-drip nozzle which ensures a consistent and steady flow of glue.
  • It can prevent overheating with its ceramic PTC thermistor.
  • It has an automatic thermostat for energy saving.
  • The trigger is very easy to squeeze.
  • Also, the trigger is made of rubber coating which is not only easy to hold but also easy to clean It has a detachable stand to keep it stable in between gluing.
  • The stand is pretty sturdy.
  • Overall very good feel and balance in hand.
  • Its manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is expensive.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The majority of those who have used this product agree that this is a very lightweight and affordable glue gun. They also like that its trigger is easy to squeeze, hold, and clean.  They say it’s the best glue gun right now. Most of the customers has satisfaction that it does not drip. Also they give credit to the company for their great customer service. Overall this glue gun is well worth the money.

4. Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

This best glue gun is very lightweight. Because it can heat up quickly and deliver a lot of glue, it is ideal for more heavy duty applications. It has an ergonomic design and a long trigger so users can easily use it even for extended periods.  It is also very stable and solidly built despite being very lightweight.


  1. High Temperature: 380 °F (193°C)
  2. 100-Watt of Power
  3. Features solid state PTC (positive temperature control) heaters
  4. Insulated and interchangeable nozzle
  5. Glue Stick Diameter: 7/16-Inch
  6. Glue Stick Length: 4″, 10″ & 15″
  7. Outputs about 2.5 pounds of hot melt per hour
  8. Glue gun weighs 1.35-Lbs
  9. Double insulated ground cord


  • Its very lightweight thus you can use it for long periods without your arms tiring.
  • It heats up quite fast.
  • It doesn’t heat up too much that it can cause burns to its users.
  • It is safe for use even of children.
  • It has a power on/off switch.
  • It is solidly built despite its lightweight frame.
  • It is very stable, won’t easily tip over.
  • Glue doesn’t drip thanks to its nozzle.


  • The power switch is placed at the base of the handle so there’s a chance that your little finger may inadvertently turn it off.
  • It doesn't include a power indicator light.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Users agree that this industrial glue gun is a very sturdy and easy to use unit. They say this is the best glue gun as it has very good qualities like its no-drip nozzle. One reviewer said that there is no mess if you know how to use it. Another reviewer said that he used it every single day at his business and never face any problems.

5. Surebonder PRO2-220 220-Watt Adjustable Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-220 220-Watt Adjustable Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

This is similar to the item preceding it but the major difference is that it uses 220 watts of power instead of just 100 watts. As such, you can expect this best glue gun to heat up glue sticks at a faster rate. Speaking of glue gun sticks, it makes use of those measuring 7/16 inch in diameter. It is lightweight at 2.3 pounds, and has adjustable temperature control.


  1. 220-Watt, 120-Volt
  2. Stick Size: 1/2″
  3. Delivers approximately 5-Pounds of glue per hour
  4. Temperature control from 248-Degree F to 428-Degree F
  5. Double insulated ground cord
  6. Includes extra insulated nozzle, detachable wire stand, glue stroke adjustment screw.


  • It can deliver continuously big amounts of glue if needed.
  • The different exchangeable nozzles makes this tool really versatile.
  • It has a detachable wire stand.
  • It has an extra long, 7-foot cord so you don’t have to work in an area near a wall outlet.
  • It doesn’t leak glue.
  • The on/off switch is lighted so you would know when it is on.


  • It is very expensive as it is very powerful glue gun.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

No online store like amazon customers have doubt about its heating power and they said, its heating power assures you that you can start sticking whatever you have within a few minutes. One reviewer said that this glue gun is a lot pricier than many but the quality is well worth it if you can afford it. Lot of customers express their happiness with this glue gun and said that it works like a champ.

Accessories for a Glue Gun

 Now you have the best glue gun. Let’s look at some accessories that you may need. 

Glue Sticks

You’ll find several accessories useful for your new glue gun. One is a set of glue sticks that are ideal for almost any type of DIY project like a simple scrapbook or fixing a broken photo frame.

Glue Gun Nozzle

Glue Gun Nozzle

You will also appreciate using a glue gun nozzle assortment set. It gives you different ways of distributing the glue, what with its different specialty extension nozzles. It is ideal for light duty industrial and packaging applications.

Finger Caps

Finger caps

And finally to protect your fingertips, buy a couple of finger caps. Look for heat resistant finger caps that are easy to use. Finger caps can be cleaned with soap and water. 

How to Use a Glue Gun

  • Start by getting a silicone mat, or newspaper, or even a piece of cardboard that can catch glue drips.
  • Insert the glue stick into the glue gun before plugging it in.
  • Switch on the glue gun if it has an on/off switch.
  • The tip could start smoking a bit after 1-2 minutes. This is perfectly normal.
  • Wait for the internal heating element to warm up. For mini-glue guns, this would take 2 minutes. The larger ones have to warm up in 5 minutes.
  • Hold the glue gun close to the material to be bonded.
  • Press the trigger to advance the glue and out through the nozzle of the glue gun.
  • When there’s enough glue on the material, release the trigger and then pull it away.
  • Press the material or the items together gently. After a few seconds, the material should be adjoined together.
  • Turn off or unplug the glue gun after use.

Safety Tips

  • Focus on your work while using the glue gun. Never use it while distracted.
  • Don’t use a glue gun on porous materials without using a silicone finger sleeve, especially if you are to push pieces together.
  • Don’t use hot glue guns near any flammable material.
  • Don’t use glue guns on an uneven surface is it could fall over.
  • Never leave the glue gun plugged while it is not in use.
  • Make sure that you use the right glue stick for your gun. There are glue guns designed for high-temperature sticks while there are those for low-temperature sticks.
  • Don’t lay the glue gun on its side as the glue could leak out of the back of the heating element.
  • Don’t leave the glue gun with its cord dangling.
  • Don’t use a glue gun with cracks in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should you use high temp glue sticks? Answer: High temperature glue sticks are ideal for bonding materials like wood, metal, plastics, and fabric. These are materials that need an instant grab and strong bond.

2. When should you use low temp glue sticks? Answer: This type of glue stick is ideal for use on sensitive materials like Styrofoam or those that may belt or become distorted due to heat.

3. How can you remove glue in your hair or skin? Answer: If you accidentally put glue in your hair or skin, use baby oil to wipe the area. Then use a hair dryer to soften and remove the adhesive.

4. How to remove glue on clothes? Answer: Simply let the glue dry then pick off portions that will easily release. Or you can put the item into a freezer. The glue will freeze and this will make it easier for you to pick at the glue.

5. Are there battery operated glue guns? Answer: Yes there are, although these are outnumbered by models that operate off of standard wall outlets.

For Those Of You Who Are Still Unsure: My Recommendations

If you are still unsure on which glue gun to buy, we recommend the MELTOX Premium Dual Wattage Hot Glue Gun for home use. It comes with free glue sticks and e-book to get you started. The glue gun is also lightweight and easy to use. If you need an industrial glue gun, then Surebonder PRO2-220 220-Watt Adjustable Temperature Industrial Glue Gun is the best glue gun there is. It heats up easily and the unit is a breeze to control. The extra-long cord also lets you work anywhere you like.

Final Word

Glue guns should not be considered as a tool that is exclusively for the use of people who are into arts and crafts. You will find it very useful at home, too. From repairing broken picture frames to creating your own home decors, the best glue gun will always come in handy. There are many considerations in choosing a glue gun which may surprise you as it looks like a very simple tool. Remember those things as mentioned earlier in this article and you should be able to purchase the best glue gun for you.


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