Best Jack Stand Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best jack stand reviews

I don’t have to stress the importance of having the best jack stand. Anytime you have to do work on your vehicle, you’ll want a reliable pair of jack stands holding it up. If you have been searching for the best car jack stands, look no further. I have used a lot of stands and picked the cream of the crop.
I have also included detailed general information about these jack stands. While they have the same purpose, the design and quality varies from brand to brand. To avoid disaster you have to go with the most reliable jack stands possible.

Why need a Jack Stand

A jack stand is designed to hold up your vehicle so you can do work underneath it. For that alone it should be obvious why you need the best jack stand. A poorly made stand might have the means to support your car. If you’re doing repair you want jack stands that can hold up.
Jack stands are used to fortify the jacks that come with your vehicle. Those built in jacks are capable of lifting the vehicle up by a few inches. However that is only good for changing tires. If you’re going to do more intensive work on the vehicle, you will need extra jacks or jack stands.
Some jack stands are tower shaped, while others are more like a tripod. No matter what the shape is, the usage is the same. You place it under the vehicle and use it to raise the vehicle up.

There are some other reasons too

Durable: Some DIY enthusiasts use cinder blocks. But those aren’t as durable and could crumble without warning. Jack stands however, are designed to hold several tons. Unlike cinder blocks, stands are also adjustable. You’ll actually save money and time by buying a pair of jack stands.

Convenient: Even a well-maintained car can suddenly break down. If it happens in the middle of the road, what will you do? This is where a pair of jack stands will come in handy. If there’s a problem, you just pull out the jack stand and get to work.

Dependable: There are still some who maintain that jack stands are not necessary. But that’s not true at all. A good car driver should always be prepared. The risks that come with using other devices than a jack stand is too great, so it’s better to be safe.

The bottom line is this: there is no reason why you should not have a pair of jack stands. There are a lot of options to choose from. They are also more affordable than ever before. In other words there is no reason not to have them.

Advantages of the Jack Stand

  • Built for Long Term Use: The best jack stand is going to last a long time. As long as it is from a reputable brand you don’t have to worry about its durability.
  • Different Materials to Choose From: Jack stands are constructed from various materials. Those for large vehicles are made from solid steel. These are the ones you’ll want to use if reliability is your main concern. For lighter vehicles, you can find jack stands made of light steel or aluminum.
  • Different Designs: There was a time when you could only get one type of jack stand. Now there are a lot of styles to choose from. Some have a fixed height and designed for durability. Others have adjustable heights so you remain safe.
  • Wide Range of Capacities: No matter what type of car you drive, there is a stand that can support its weight.

Features of a Good Jack Stand

The best jack stand comes with several features that set them apart from the rest. Here are some of them.

Wide Base: The jack stand should have a wide and solid foundation. This is necessary to ensure its durability. If the base is wide it’s going to keep the jack stands from sinking or moving. For obvious safety reasons, the base must not only be wide but solidly built as well.

Solid Support: I am referring to the overall capacity of the jack stand. If you have a 3 ton vehicle, get a stand that can support that weight, or better yet, more. You don’t generally want to use a stand to its maximum weight capacity.

Handle: Most jack stands have a simple design and most of the time that will do just fine. However you will also find a good number of them with versatile handles. The operating handle design varies per brand. Not all jack stands have one though. If the jack stand you want is not equipped with a handle, you can always utilize a tire iron or something similar to it. Even if there is a handle included, having a tire iron is handy in case the jack is damaged.

Position Stop: A position stop prevents you from using the stand beyond its capacity. This is a critical safety feature. Make certain the stand you are using has this. If not, there needs to be some other mechanism built in that will prevent you from overexerting it.

Good Reviews: I don’t have to explain this in detail. If the stand gets good reviews, you should feel confident about using it.

Low Maintenance: A good pair of jack stands should be low maintenance. Just wiping with a cloth should do it.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Jack Stand

Material Composition: As we mentioned, the best jack stand is made from steel or cast iron. Don’t settle for anything less than high quality steel. If you have to go with aluminum, make sure it’s built to last.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Height: If you’re going to use the jack stands in one location on your car, fixed height stands are a good choice. They are very strong because they don’t have any moving parts. However, fixed height jack stands are heavy and hardly versatile. An adjustable height jack is more flexible. With it you can adjust the height until it meets your criteria. These jack stands have safety pins to ensure it remains in place. Some even have multiple safety pins.

Lift Height: Floor jack stands and lift height jack stands are often used together. Lift height stands have a range of 13” to 26”. The typical capacity is 3 tons, but the larger ones can support up to 6 tons.

Weight Capacity: Majority of jack stands have their weight capacity listed in tons. The most basic jack stand can support half a ton. The most powerful ones can lift 25 tons or more. If you’re going to buy one of these, make sure it can support your vehicle’s weight. The heavier your vehicle is, the higher the jack stand weight rating needs to be.

Easy to Use: You need a jack stand that’s easy to use. If it’s the adjustable type, making these adjustments needs to be quick and easy. A good pair of stands won’t get in your way and make it easy to get position right. It is hard to emphasize its importance. If the jack stand is difficult to use, you could end up misplacing the unit, increasing the risk of accidents.

Our Pick For Best Jack Stand

We made a short list of 5 best jack stand for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best Jack Stand

Here is the short review of each best jack stand that we selected for you.

1. Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands – 3 Ton

Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands - 3 Ton

The Torin is a good candidate for the best jack stand. I have included it in this list because of its durability. Its 3 ton capacity is good enough for most cars. Its minimum and maximum height is good enough for most vehicles too. One of the most important features in jack stands is the base. And I am happy to say the Torin base is solid.


  1. Weight: 10.2 lbs.
  2. 6,000 lbs. capacity.
  3. 5-hole adjustment is secured with a locking bearing.
  4. 2 jack stands included.
  5. Minimum Lift Height: 10-3/4inch.
  6. Maximum Lift Height: 15-5/8inch.
  7. Extra large, cast aluminum base.


  • Superior design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stable.
  • Aluminum base is durable.
  • ANSI certified.


  • Lifting device needs to be purchased separately.
  • One customer complained the base is not wide enough.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best car jack stands get positive reviews, and the Torin is no exception. One customer says the Torin stand are large, stable and dependable. Another one wrote a review stating that it’s a solid product. While the jack stands are strong, they are not as heavy as others, something a lot of customers happily report.
Another reviewer said these Torin stands are the lightest and most effective he had tried. The same reviewer also pointed out the item ships quickly and that he didn’t encounter any problems with it. One of those ordered the Torin says he used it for his car and it worked nicely.
There aren’t a lot of negative reviews for the Torin. And that is understandable since the jack stands are really effective. By going through the various customer reviews, you’re not going to find a lot of complaints about it.

2. Torin T43002A 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Torin T43002A 3 Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Another Torin makes the list. The T43002A is designed for a wide range of vehicles. Its 3 ton support is superb. You will also like its construction, built from high grade steel. One of the highlights here is the proprietary double lock technology which provides extra security. As someone who’s worked with a wide range of jack stands, I can say this is one of the safest available. It’s also one of the easiest to adjust, great for precision work.


  1. Weight 15.62 lbs.
  2. 6,000 lbs. capacity.
  3. Constructed of superior, heavy duty steel for strength and durability.
  4. Lifting range from 11-1/4 in. to 16-3/4 in.
  5. Double locking pawl and tooth design for extra protection.
  6. Wide saddle for easier placement.
  7. One piece ratchet bar provides added strength.
  8. Quick adjustment mechanism that securely locs into desired location.
  9. Meets ASME PALD standards.


  • Lift range is pretty good.
  • The units are stable.
  • Solid design and built for long term use.
  • Double locking feature works.
  • Easy to use.


  • There are a few complaints about the welding.
  • One customer complained of the pin being difficult to insert.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The Torin has gotten hundreds of reviews, and most are in its favor. One customer who bought the Torin wrote that it’s the best car jack stands he’s had. This is shared by another reviewer who said it’s a quality product. There is also a review from one driver who says the Torin stands have really good features. Another one simply wrote they’re worth the price.
The majority of the online reviewers agree the Torin jack stand are easy to use. There are also customers who agree the arms are raised so you’re comfortable working. Most of the customers also point out the Torin stand have good safety features. Overall, it’s a good pair of jack stands.

3. Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands

 Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands

Hein-Werner has made a lot of good stands, and this is a good example of that. I consider this one of the best jack stand because of its built. A good pair of jack stands are heavy and stable, and this fits the bill. With a 6 ton capacity, it is double that of what other jack stand can do. The most important characteristic of jack stands is durability. The bar can be used in different positions. I also like the carry handle as it simplifies operation. Taking everything into consideration, these are dependable and well built.


  1. Assembled in the US.
  2. Formed Steel Frame Adds Safety.
  3. Multi Position Rachet Bar provides strength and durability.
  4. Dual Purpose Handle Serves as Carry Handle and Saddle Column Release.
  5. 6 Ton Capacity.
  6. Lifting Range: 16-1/4 to 25-3/4 inches.
  7. Base Size: 10-1/2″ x 13″
  8. 2 years warranty.


  • Solidly built.
  • Frame is well-designed.
  • Capacity is greater than other stands in its class.
  • Easy to use.
  • Solid, heavy feel.


  • Some customers are apprehensive the jack stands are made in China.
  • Some have complained of poor packaging.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The feedback for the Hein-Werner stands speak highly of it. The stands have gotten a lot of five star reviews and been called the best car jack stands. A customer who purchased a pair said it’s very easy to set up. Another customer pointed out the Hein-Werner stand is dependable.
One customer says he has been using Hein-Werner for years. He then added these jack stands are just what he needed. The reviewer says he needed something more powerful than the usual jack stand. With the Hein-Werner he got the power required.
What all these reviews show is that the Hein-Werner is the real deal. It is well-designed and packs a lot of power. With these jack stands that’s all you need.

4. Sunex 1410 10-Ton High Height Pin Type Jack Stands

Sunex 1410 10-Ton High Height Pin Type Jack Stands

The Sunex 1410 is one of the top jack stands to come from the manufacturer. With support of up to 10 tons, this is good enough for a lot of cars and other vehicles. The construction is good too. The base has four legs and it is stable. There are a lot of quality jack stands, but the Sunex stands out for its design. The pipe used for its construction is solid. Overall this is one of the toughest jack stands I have had the chance to try.


  1. Support tube made of heavy schedule pipe add strength and stability.
  2. Multiple height settings in 1-1/2 in. increments with simple pin facilitated height adjustment.
  3. Attached height adjustment pin prevents loss and offers quick height setting.
  4. Large support saddle with locating lugs support and position the vehicle frame.
  5. V shaped saddle to cradle axles or other under truck components.
  6. Base: 15.7 x 15.7
  7. Capacity (Tons): 10
  8. Height Intervals: 9
  9. High Height (in.): 46.5
  10. Low Height (in.): 28.1
  11. Saddle Dimension (in.): 3.1 x 5.1


  • Can support heavy vehicles.
  • The base is well balanced.
  • Provides good support for truck axles.
  • Adjusting height is easy.
  • Solid construction.


  • First time users may need time to get used to the adjustment.
  • One reviewer says the legs could be more even.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best car jack stands from Sunex has received good feedback. This one continues that trend. Customers like its durability and capacity. One customer says it works great on his car. Another says this is precisely what their family needed. One customer wrote a short review and said the Sunex stands are heavy duty and reliable.
There are not a lot of negative feedback for these jack stands. The ratings have been either 4 or 5 stars. This is an indication of how good they are. The reviews have come from different customers. Some are long time drivers. Others are just looking for new jack stands, but they all like the Sunex.

5. Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand

Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand

If you’re looking for the best car jack stands, the Omega is one most people will suggest. Its 12 ton support is good enough for a military sized ambulance. They’re heavy, but that’s indicative of its capacity. Its main feature is the patented technology that raises the handle automatically. The frame is solid too. The ratchet bar is in one piece, ensuring greater strength. I also like its multi position capabilities. The counter weighted pawl also lets you secure the ratchet bar quickly. The Omega is for you if you want a powerful, heavy duty pair of jack stands.


  1. Sturdy, welded steel construction.
  2. Lift handle and ratchet arm will automatically raise.
  3. Capacity (Pair): 12 Ton.
  4. Minimum Height: 19-3/4 in.
  5. Maximum Height: 30-1/4 in.
  6. Base Size: 14-3/4 in. x 12-3/4 in.
  7. GW (Pair): 82-1/2 lbs.


  • Robust construction.
  • Durable frame.
  • Automatic level raising.
  • Ratchet bar works nicely.
  • Heavy duty stands.
  • Good finish.


  • May be overkill for light vehicles.
  • A few customers are concerned it is made in China.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Customers agree this is one of the best jack stand products available. One customer says it’s large and built for lifetime use. Another reviewer noted that the pair is solid and heavy duty. One customer says he bought these jack stands for his truck, and it works well. There are a lot of other truckers who agree with him.
There are few, if any complaints about the Omega. As most customer reviews point out, it is well built. The construction is high class. Whether it is for trucks or ambulances or other vehicles, the Omega jack stands get it done. That is the consensus of customers. And after a thorough evaluation I have to say it is true.

Safety Considerations

  • Even with the best jack stand, you should only use it to lift your car up. It is not meant to hold your car up there.
  • Do not use the jack stand until you have set it up properly. Follow the instructions in the manual or the manufacturer’s website. An improperly set jack stand could collapse, bringing the car down on you.
  • Block the wheels before jacking your vehicle up. There are a lot of materials you can use, such as metal wheel chocks, wedges, bricks and so on. Just make sure the tires at the back of your vehicle are blocked. Doing so will keep the vehicle from rolling.
  • Do not set up your stand in the middle of the highway. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, contact roadside assistance. If you cannot contact them, hang a white piece of paper or rag by your vehicle window. This is a help signal for the highway patrol.
  • Park your car on even terrain prior to jacking. If one of your tires flattens out, try to drive to a hill nearby. If that’s not possible, drive and park close to a curb. Park your car and block the wheels. Now you can get the stand out.
  • Don’t use the jack stand until your car’s brake has been engaged.
  • Position the jack stand under your car. To be specific, place it where it will connect to the jack when lifted. The proper position should be indicated in the manual.
  • Do not use the jack stand until you’re completely familiar with its operation. This is going to be necessary to ensure your safety.

The process is generally straightforward: put the pack stands under your car, near the jack. Raise the stand, lock into place and lower your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a floor jack enough to support my car?
Answer: No. Use jack stands and floor jack stands together. Let the jack stand handle the holding and the floor jack the lifting.

2. How many jack stands should I use?
Answer: Use one jack stand per wheel that you have to raise up. For stability purposes, your vehicle needs to have four contact points with the ground or your jack stand.

3. Where should I set my jack stands?
Answer: Refer to your car manual. There is information which tells you exactly where it is appropriate to set the jack stands.

4. Can I use jack stands on any surface?
Answer: Use your jack stands only on even surfaces.

5. What jack stand capacity is best?
Answer: It depends on what vehicle you are driving. Check your manual for information on your vehicle’s weight. Use that as a guide.

My Recommendations

Now that you have gone through my best jack stand reviews, you are asking: all five look great, but I can only buy one or two. So which should you get?
For the most bang for your buck, I recommend the Torin T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands – 3 Ton and the Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand – 12 Ton. The Omega is quite simply one of the best car jack stands today. They’re durable and hold up well. I can say the same thing about the Torin. It is easy to use and the base is stable.

Final Word

A lot of times we focus on the car and the accessories, but not so much the other tools. It doesn’t matter much when your car runs smoothly. But what if it breaks down? That is when you will realize the value of a pair of good jack stands.
Buying the best jack stand is not as hard as it used to be. The Internet gives you more options than ever. Of course it isn’t practical to go through all of the reviews. With the information I have posted here, you’ll now find the right jack stand more quickly.


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