Best Jobsite Radio Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

best jobsite radio reviews

The best jobsite radio reviews often emphasize that a worksite radio isn’t just there to blast loud music. The best worksite radio does more than that. It can also serve as a charging device for power tools, as well as to provide storage space for common electronic devices.

Moreover, anyone who has worked on a construction site will tell you that listening to adrenaline-pumping music can make a big difference, especially to tired workers. It can get their blood pumping, so to speak, and help speed up their work in the process. That’s why you should get a jobsite radio if you are a hard worker in the shop or even at home.

What is the Usage of a Jobsite Radio

For pros and DIYers, having a radio near them is more than a luxury. It can be considered a necessity, especially for the tireless workers who work up to the wee hours. In a typical shop, the sound of AM or FM radio is the only one that can keep workers company as they work double time to finish an urgent project. However, a shop like a wood shop or auto shop is a harsh place for your ordinary radio.

This is why there are worksite radios. The best worksite radio can withstand bumps and knocks that can happen at a worksite, or while in transit. It can also run on AC or via battery packs. Thus it can be used at a remote worksite. It can keep workers entertained any time of the day.

The best jobsite radio can also charge batteries of power tools, and provide a safe haven for electronic devices.

Jobsite Radio Brands in Market

In choosing the best jobsite radio, you won’t go wrong if you stick with the reputable brands such as:

DEWALT: This is one of the leading makers of power tools and hand tools. It is also very well known for its good quality jobsite radios. It has worksite radios that are Bluetooth-compatible and equipped with features like satellite radio and three-stage charging system. Most of its jobsite radios are backed by a three-year limited warranty.

Bosch: Another highly reputable brand, Bosch also makes very sturdy and durable jobsite radios. Its construction radios can deliver strong performance and lasting reliability.

Milwaukee: This brand is known for having the first jobsite radio with Bluetooth connectivity. The company itself has been around for such a long time, having been founded in 1924.

Makita: It is not as well-known as the three other brands, but Makita churns out good quality jobsite radios as well. Its products are also known for being reasonably priced.

Ryobi: One of the largest power tool manufacturers, Ryobi specializes in innovative, user-friendly, and affordable power tools and jobsite radios.

Ridgid: This is another brand that offers jobsite radios that offer affordable jobsite radios.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Jobsite Radio

Design: A construction radio should be tough enough to withstand bumps and falls that can happen anytime at a worksite. As such, it should be a lot sturdier than the typical radio. Most of the best jobsite radios have protective reinforcements, like corner guards to enclosures that make it appear as if the radio has armor. Some even have roll cage bars that provide protection to the unit in case of drops or falls.

Carrying handles: The best jobsite radio is not intended to stay in one place. They will be likely moved around, thus carrying handles are very important. The top jobsite radios often have top-mounted handles that make them easy to grab and carry. There are also units with side-mounted handles, particularly on the smaller radios.

Buttons, dials, displays: In a construction site, time matters. Thus you don’t want to spend some time in finding out how to change stations or increase the volume level of the jobsite radio. The best jobsite radio should have easy to use and well laid out buttons and dials. A backlit display also comes in handy when working at night.

Radio tuners: The primary duty of a jobsite radio is to pull in AM and FM stations, thus it should have a very good reception. The best jobsite radio can even allow users to change the radio reception to mono so that you can listen to weaker stations without the irritating static noise.

Seek/Scan: Most construction radios have a seek function, that is, it will look for FM or AM stations that are available. Only a handful of units has a scan function, though. This feature scans the available stations then pauses for a few seconds to “remember” said stations.

Auxiliary inputs: For most users, this is a very important factor as it can let them play music from their other devices like smartphones, mp3 players, tablet, and CD players.

Device compartments: This is a storage space for essential electronic devices like tablets and smartphones.

Bluetooth connectivity: The best worksite radio reviews usually consider Bluetooth connectivity important because many media devices now have Bluetooth functions.

Equalization: Workers who like to listen to their favorite music while working may also appreciate the ability to change treble or bass levels.

Our Pick For Best Jobsite Radio

Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best Jobsite Radio

Here is the short review of each best jobsite radio that we selected for you. These reviews definitely help you to choice the best jobsite radio that is best suited for you.

1. ION Audio Tailgater Active (iPA30ABK) 

ION Audio Tailgater Active (iPA30ABK)

This jobsite radio is built tough, able to withstand the abuse coming from constant movement. It can also resist dust and debris in the jobsite. It has integrated handles and corner bumpers that can prevent damage caused by falling objects. Aside from being able to deliver pulsating audio from your smartphone and mp3 player, it can let you tune into AM/FM radio or stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled music player. It has a built-in battery that can enable it to work for up to 50 hours on a single charge.


1. Material(s): MDF, Chrome, Vinyl, ABS
2. Input Voltage: 100V-120V AC, 60Hz
3. Output Power: 50 W (peak)
4. Woofer Size: 6.5”
5. Built-In Subwoofer: No
6. Tweeter Size: 0.75”
7. Frequency Response: 77 Hz – 20,000 Hz (auxiliary input)
8. Inputs
   (1) 1/8” stereo auxiliary
   (2) AC power input
9. Outputs
   (1) USB charging port
   (2) AC power outlets (while plugged in to wall power)
10. Full charge time: Approximately 10 hours
11. Battery Life: Up to 50 hours
12. Supported Bluetooth Profile: A2DP
13. Bluetooth Range: Up to 100 feet
14. Fuse model and type: 250V, 750 mA
15. Max load of AC outlets: 120V, 10A (combined) (when you use the included 15A or equivalent power cable to power Job Rocker)
16. Radio Preset Memory: 6 AM
17. Radio Frequency Range
AM 520 – 1710 kHz
FM 87.5 – 108 MHz
18. Dimensions (height x width x depth): 15.0” x 14.5” x 12.0”
19. Weight: 21.0 lbs


  • It is designed to withstand the tough conditions of jobsites.
  • It has large rubberized buttons and controls that you can use even if you have your gloves on.
  • Its durable, wooden cabinet can provide the best acoustic.
  • Full-length metal grille protects the speaker.
  • Chrome plated steel handles that can make it easier to carry the unit.
  • It is pretty loud enough for outdoor use.


  • It’s a bit bulky and heavy although these are qualities you can expect from a jobsite radio.
  • There's no wheels and the handle isn't in the most ergonomic position to carry.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Many users are in awe of this jobsite radio. They say it is tough and loud enough for use outdoors also the audio is surprisingly clear. Every customer satisfied with its battery life. They said the battery lasts a long time. One reviewer said not as much bass as he anticipated but sounds pretty good. The Customers are happy about that it has Bluetooth and ports to charge USB. No doubt this is the best jobsite radio and it is rank first in our list.

2. DEWALT DC012 7.2-Volt-18-Volt Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio

DEWALT DC012 7.2-Volt-18-Volt Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio

This is another candidate for the title of the best jobsite radio in the market today. It has an AM/FM digital tuner with LCD display, a built-in clock, and 15 stations memory presets. It has DEWALT’s patented 3-stage charging system that can prolong the overall life of the battery. It also has speakers with dual bass ports for superior bass and range. Plus, compared with other worksite radios, this Dewalt unit is relatively lightweight at 14.5 pounds.


  1. Recharges batteries in as little as 1 hour
  2. AM/FM radio can run off of 7.2-Volt – 18-Volt batteries for cordless operation
  3. Compatible with 7.2-Volt – 18-Volt batteries, except unit volt batteries
  4. 3 stage charging system offers a long run time to help ensure a long battery life
  5. 15 stations memory presets
  6. Weather resistant speakers
  7. Durable, dual pivoting 11 in. the flexible antenna provides excellent reception
  8. Power outlets for versatile job-site power options
  9. Auxiliary port offers a connection to CD players, MP3 players and portable satellite receivers with an audio cable (additional devices and audio cable not included)
  10. 8-hourr runtime using XRP ni-cd battery (DC9096)
  11. Run times will vary based on battery voltage and amp hour
  12. limited three-year warranty; 90-day money-back guarantee
  13. CSA, ETL and UL listed


  • Very loud even when used outdoors.
  • The controls are laid out pretty well making them easy to use.
  • Cord tucks away nicely so that it can’t get in the way during transport/handling.
  • Sturdy and durable, built like a tank.
  • Battery charges even when the radio is off.
  • Charges batteries of other DEWALT tools.


  • Due to CEC regulations, it cannot be shipped to California.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

It’s hard not to believe those who say that this is the best jobsite radio right now. There are a lot of testimonies on how durable and well-built this unit is. One reviewer even commented he had left it overnight on the beach while raining hard and it still worked afterwards. 

3. Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger

Bosch PB360S 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger

This Bosch unit can also be considered as the best jobsite radio. It can blast sound in an eye-popping 360-degree fashion. Its four speakers and subwoofer make that possible, projecting audio in various directions. It has a rugged roll cage made of rubber and aluminum that can protect it against the toughest conditions. It has 20 FM and 10 AM presets, plus an advanced digital tuner.


  1. Unit Size: 14.5″ x 14″ x 13.5″
  2. Weight: 24.0lb
  3. 360-degree premium sound
  4. 4 speakers and integrated subwoofer project sound in all directions
  5. 5 preset equalizer settings
  6. 26 watts of power
  7. Bluetooth connectivity for internet radio and stored music with range of up to 150 feet
  8. Rugged aluminum/rubber roll cage withstands tough job-site conditions
  9. Weather resistant design keeps out moisture, dust & debris
  10. Powered by Bosch 14.4V-18V Lithium-Ion batteries (not included), or by any 120V power source
  11. Built-in battery charger
  12. USB charging port with 5-volt /1.0-amp rating
  13. Advanced digital tuner for premium reception
  14. USB and SD ports
  15. Internal and external auxiliary ports for portable MP3, CD and satellite players
  16. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; 1 year warranty


  • Aside from charging Bosh 14.4 to 18 V lithium-ion batteries, it has four power outlets, a 12V DC power outlet and powered USB port.
  • The sound is crisp and loud even when outdoors.
  • It has a roll cage to protect it from falls.
  • It can also charge Bosch Li-Ion batteries.
  • It has plenty of volume.
  • The FM/AM radio reception is very good.


  • It cannot remember your last equalizer setting.
  • It is a bit heavy at 25 pounds.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Although admittedly heavy and sturdy, this Bosch jobsite radio can be relied upon in blasting loud music that can be heard even in the loudest of construction sites. And with lots of connectivity options, this is one indispensable piece of equipment in the work site. Most of the customers are happy with its sound quality. Some reviewers said, it is a good gift for your husband, father-in-law or even for your brother. Although some customers are unhappy with its weight. They said the radio is pretty heavy but it is very much exceptable.

4. DEWALT DCR018 18V/12V/20V MAX Compact Worksite Radio

DEWALT DCR018 18V/12V/20V MAX Compact Worksite Radio

This is one of the lightest jobsite radios around at just six pounds. Because of its size and weight, there should be no problems carrying it around. But that’s just one part of the story as this DEWALT compact worksite radio has a powerful digital tuner with five FM and five AM presets. It can also provide storage for electronic devices and protect them from dust and debris.  It also has a multi-port interface for running off various MAX DEWALT battery packs.


  1. Material is Plastic
  2. Runs on 12V MAX/18V/20V MAX battery packs
  3. AC/DC power allowing the flexibility to run off AC power cord of DeWalt power tool batteries
  4. USB power port allows device to be charged via USB when radio is plugged into AC wall outlet
  5. 3.5 mm Auxiliary input allows for connection to CD, MP3, portable satellite receivers and other digital audio devices
  6. 4-inch full range speaker and type AB amplifier
  7. 360-degree protective roll cage
  8. 3-year limited warranty; 90-day money back guarantee


  • It can protect your electronic devices like smartphones from jobsite debris.
  • It is very small, compact, and lightweight that you can practically carry it anywhere you go.
  • It has a bright back lit display that lets you use the unit even in the dark.
  • The AC power cord is long at six feet.
  • Provides good value for money; one of the cheapest in this list.


  • The sound quality isn’t the best but it's above than average.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Although the sound quality of this worksite radio isn’t the best, it still has a lot of redeeming qualities. It has storage for your devices, and it is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. One reviewer said, the screen is super easy to read in the sun and he uses it for commercial roofing. He doesn’t face any problem at all. After reading so many reviews we can say that overall it is a good device on this price point.

5. Milwaukee 2790-20 12-Volt to 28-Volt Jobsite Radio

Milwaukee 2790-20 12-Volt to 28-Volt Jobsite Radio

Those who say that this is the best jobsite radio point out to a couple of its good qualities. One is the weight at 16 pounds, this is a pretty lightweight jobsite radio that you can take anywhere. The sound quality, too, can match up well with almost all worksite radios. Others like that it has a very attractive or affordable price tag. Those who own Milwaukee tools will also appreciate that it works with all current battery platforms from 12 volts to 28 volts.


  1. AC Voltage: 120V
  2. Antenna Type: Pivot Cord
  3. Customizable Equalizer and 10-Station Preset
  4. Weatherproof 4-inch Woofers and 1-inch Tweeters
  5. Premium Speakers and 40 Watt Amplifier – Up to 6X more power than competitive radios
  6. Weather sealed MP3 compartment
  7. Auxiliary Inputs: 3.5mm Stereo / USB
  8. AC/DC Versatility
  9. Radio Preset Memory: 10 AM / FM
  10. Exclusive AM/FM Tuner with Digital Processor
  11. Shock absorbing polymer and steel construction
  12. Durable Cord Wrap – Easily store the 6-foot AC cord
  13. Built-in bottle opener


  • Small and lightweight, thus easy to move around.
  • It has a very long running time of up to 24 hours.
  • It has a compartment that can protect your mp3 player or smartphones.
  • Very good AM and FM reception.
  • It has a very reasonable price.


  • The preset radio setup is confusing to most users.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Milwaukee has always been known for producing good quality products and this unit is no exception. Some reviewers claim that its quality is Better than they expected. Great volume, great reception for radio stations, easy to hook MP3 or smartphone up to it. One reviewer said this is his fourth portable sound system but this time he is not disappointed. Although some reviewers post negative feedback about this sound system but another reviewer said that bad reviews are incorrect and he gives his explanation against the negative reviews.

Advantages of a Jobsite Radio

You don’t really need to be an audiophile to be able to appreciate a jobsite radio. It can do a lot of things that make it very useful on any construction site. One is that it can charge power tool batteries. But most of the time, the jobsite radio should be the same brand as of the power tool so that it can charge the batteries.
Another benefit of having a worksite radio is that it can serve as a storage space for your electronic devices like smartphones.
Of course, the best worksite radio can play music from various sources, from mp3 players to tablets to smartphones. Others can play music via a Bluetooth enabled device.
Most of the best jobsite radio reviews also note that the best worksite radio should also enable users to access digital radio stations aside from the conventional AM/FM radio.

How to Take Care of YourJobsite Radio

You can ensure the long lifespan of the best worksite radio by following these tips:

  • Avoid damage to the radio or speaker by turning the volume up slowly. Don’t go to high volume the moment you turn on the worksite radio. There could be a risk that this habit can damage the speaker and it won’t be able to produce clear audio again.
  • At the first sign of distortion, immediately turn the volume down until there is no distortion heard.
  • Always unplug the radio after use when plugged into a wall socket.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How loud are jobsite radios?
Answer: The most basic jobsite radios can be loud enough to be heard clearly in a large garage or shop. The really powerful ones are loud enough to be heard in a big outdoor area.

2. Can you charge devices on a jobsite radio through USB port?
Answer: Yes, although most jobsite radios can only do so when these are plugged into a wall outlet. 

3. Can jobsite radios play music from SD cards?
Answer: Bosch, in particular, has jobsite radios that have this function.

4. What makes jobsite radio control buttons/controls user friendly?
Answer: If you’re concerned about the ease of using worksite radio controls or buttons, then look for a unit with rubberized buttons or dials. Rubber makes the buttons easier to push. You should also look for units with big buttons as these can be easier to control even when you have your gloves on.

5. Can you use jobsite radios in other places?
Answer: Yes, these are highly versatile units that you can carry or bring to other places like beaches, camping trails, and the like.

For Those Of You Who Are Still Unsure

If you’re still unsure on what unit to get, we can recommend two products: the ION Audio Tailgater Active (iPA30ABK) and the DEWALT DC012 7.2-Volt-18-Volt Heavy-Duty Worksite Radio.
The ION Audio Tailgater Active gets high marks because it is well built. It can also withstand the toughest of worksite conditions. We like that it has large buttons and controls, and chrome plated steel handles.
The DEWALT DC012 on the other hand is very loud. It also can charge battery even when the radio is off. And we like that it is well made and can be used practically everywhere.

Final Word

The best jobsite radio is not just a luxury for most construction people. It can help them get through a tiring day at work as they can listen to their favorite music. Others use it to be on the loop, so they would know the events around them by listening to news programs. And still a lot of people rely on the best jobsite radio for charging of their tools and other devices.
With the many jobsite radio units in the market, it can be really confusing to choose just one item. But by reading this best jobsite radio reviews and buying guide, you can will have an idea on how to select the right one for you.


  1. Specifications for the ION Audio Tailgater Active look more like those for a table saw than a jobsite radio! Any chance of having the right specs, please?


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