Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

best telescoping ladder reviews

It’s not that easy looking for the best telescoping ladder reviews, as there just isn’t enough reliable info out there. Like you, I know how important it is to have the best telescoping ladder for functionality and safety reasons. There are a lot of ladders yes, but how do you find the right one?
I have spent a lot of time using telescoping ladders, so I decided to create this video guide. The following are the top 5 telescoping ladders available. I’ve also included some information about telescoping ladders in general. As you’ll see they have more to offer than regular ladders.

Why need a Telescoping Ladder

The best telescoping ladder can do a lot of different things for the homeowner. The following are its most common usages.

  1. A telescoping ladder is often used when you need to scale different heights. A telescoping ladder can also be slid outwards or inwards. This lets you decide how high the ladder goes.
  2. A telescoping ladder can be used for various carpentry tasks such as fixing the roof, cleaning, replacing tiles and so on.
  3. A telescoping ladder is also used for house painting. You can adjust the ladder height to reach the level you have to work on. The problem with an ordinary ladder is the height is fixed, so options are limited.
  4. Telescoping ladders are often used by carpenters, construction workers and homeowners for inspection. Every few months or so, your roof or other high areas of your home needs to be assessed for damage. You can use this ladder to check each section.
  5. A telescoping ladder is also used in construction sites where flexibility is required. During cleanup or building operations, it’s often necessary to work at various levels. By adjusting the height you’ll be able to reach those areas easily.

Advantages of the Telescoping Ladder

  • Safe: Telescoping ladders are safe to use. They’re built from durable materials and have a load capacity reaching hundreds of pounds. These ladders also have a safety lock when you adjust its height.
  • Flexible: The ability to change the ladder’s height is what sets them apart from the rest.
  • Convenient Storage: These ladders are retractable. Once you’re done using it, simply retract to store. This way the ladder doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Portable: Some of the best ladders are light. Most weigh no more than 25 lbs. so you can carry it easily.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Telescoping ladder

Buying a ladder is easy, but if you want the best telescoping ladder, you’ve got to consider a lot of factors apart from how high it goes.

Material: Look for ladders made from fiberglass, aluminum or wood. Other ladders are made from composite materials, but check first if they’re of good quality.

  1. Aluminum telescoping ladders are light, non-corrosive and portable. However you cannot use them near electrical wiring or power lines.
  2. Wood ladders are safe to use around power lines if they don’t have metal fasteners. However they’re heavier than aluminum and more expensive.
  3. Fiberglass ladders are durable, non-corrosive and dependable. But they’re not as widely available as aluminum ladders.

Load Capacity: Telescoping ladders have varying weight capacities. The following is a general guideline:

  1. 200 lbs. for light individuals and household work.
  2. 225 lbs. this can also be used for heavy duty household work. It’s also good for commercial painters and carpenters.
  3. 250 lbs. These types of telescoping ladders are more suited for commercial and industrial applications.
  4. 300 lbs. this is for professional high impact use.

Keep in mind these are for general guidelines only. There’s nothing to prevent you from using a 300 lb. telescoping ladder at home.

Extra features: Look also for extra features like a solid base and rungs that are slip resistant. You’ll also want telescoping ladders that are easy to adjust. Safety features like a lock is a must as well.

Our Pick For Best Telescoping Ladder

We made a short list of 5 best telescoping ladder for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Best Telescoping Ladder

Here is the short review of each best telescoping ladder that we selected for you.

1. Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot

Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot

The Werner MT-22 is one of the best telescoping ladder for home, commercial and industrial use. What I enjoy most about the MT-22 is its versatility. I can use it as an extension ladder, stairway ladder or double stepladder. It’s comfortable to climb on too. I also notice the steps are well constructed.


  1. Textile 0%
  2. 300-pound load capacity per side.
  3. 28 different working heights or positions.
  4. Soft-touch push knobs.
  5. Double-riveted steps and heavy-duty non-marring feet for slip resistance.
  6. Stepladder height is 5 ft to 9 ft
  7. Extension ladder height is 11 ft to 19 ft
  8. Stairway ladder height is 5 ft to 9 ft
  9. Scaffold height is 3 ft, 10 in.
  10. Extra-wide flared bottom for firm support.
  11. Maximum Reach is based on a 5’6″ person with a vertical 12″ reach.
  12. ANSI certified and OSHA compliant for safety.


  • Well-designed and durable.
  • The ladder comes in various sizes.
  • Can be configured in multiple positions.
  • Easy to adjust the height.
  • Push knobs are very responsive.


  • Doesn’t come with additional hinges.
  • One reviewer said the ladder is heavy.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best telescoping ladder reviews talk a lot about its versatility. One customer gave this ladder 5 stars. He says it’s essential for homes and that it is well-built. Another customer said that it’s sturdily built. Another reviewer was a contractor who also gave this 5 stars. He says it’s very effective and works well for a two story house.
There are a lot of other customer reviews that have been published, and they say similar things. Some are not happy with the Werner MT, saying it’s too heavy. But if we look at most of the reviews, they’re content with what it does.
Apart from these reviews, other customers say the ladder is durable and stable. A customer who gave this 5 stars said it’s “wonderful” and that he’s able to do a lot with it. As far as versatility goes, this is hard to match.

2. Ollieroo 12.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Ollieroo 12.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

The Ollieroo is one of the best telescoping ladder as far as functionality is concerned. Being able to adjust the steps in 1 foot increments is nice. I also like its locking system, as it is secure and easy to use. By pressing a button you can adjust the ladder. Because of its load capacity this is good for heavy duty tasks.


  1. Net Weight: about 26 lbs.
  2. Max. Load: 330 lbs.
  3. Number of Ladder Step:12.
  4. Material: Aluminum.
  5. Folded Size:34″(H)X19″(W).
  6. Extension Size:12.5ft(H) x 19″(W).
  7. Unique Extend and Locking Mechanism with Thumb Buttons Clicks Smoothly and Effortlessly.
  8. Certificated To European Safety Standard EN131.


  • Incremental adjustments make this easy to use.
  • Versatile enough for use homes, commercial and industrial applications.
  • 330 lb. load capacity one of the best in its class.
  • Has anti-corrosive properties.
  • Steps are wide and stable.


  • One customer said the ladder is not as stable as he likes.
  • A reviewer said the ladder feels flimsy when set at maximum height.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best telescoping ladder reviews for the EN131 are often about its design. I have read these reviews and they speak favorably about its versatility too. One 5 star review said everyone ought to buy one of these. Another customer also gave this 5 stars. The reviewer said he uses the Ollieroo on their RV and he’s satisfied with its design.
One customer handed the EN131 4 stars. Like a few reviewers, he noted that it’s a little heavy. Even so it’s not a burden to carry. He says he uses the ladder to climb into the attic. Based on these reviews, it’s evident that the EN131 has the approval of most buyers.

3. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series

The Xtend & Climb has a lot of good features, but what I like most is its locking and extending mechanism. With this you can adjust the ladder height as necessary. The best telescoping ladder should be light, and this fits the bill. You’ll also see there are indicators to let you know if the rungs are set. I also like its nonslip end caps.


  1. Opens to 15.5 ft. and retracts to just 36.5 in.
  2. Integrated soft carrying handle and heavy duty closure strap.
  3. Made of aerospace engineered aluminum alloy.
  4. No-Pinch Closure System.
  5. 16-steps with non-slip tread ensure you can safely reach up to 19.5 ft.
  6. ANSI type I certified for up to 250 lb. weight capacity.
  7. Anti-slip tread and double overmolded feet ensure stability and traction.
  8. Compact 36.5 in. closed height makes it easy to move and store.
  9. Clean-touch anodized finish is easy to clean.
  10. ANSI and OSHA compliant for safety.


  • Easy to retract.
  • Light enough to carry around.
  • The steps are comfortable and feel stable.
  • Folds nicely for storage.
  • The lock and release mechanism are ergonomically designed.


  • One customer complained the latches broke too quickly.
  • A reviewer said the ladder is difficult to extend.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

There are some complaints from a few customers, but most of the feedback are from happy buyers. One of those who gave this 5 stars says it’s the best ladder he’s tried. While it’s recommended, the reviewer said he has used this in the rain without a problem.
Among the best telescoping ladder reviews are those from homeowners. One reviewer said it’s stable and sturdy. Another customer said there’s no reason to hesitate because the Xtend & Climb is essential for homes. Another customer headlined his review with the words “highly recommended”.
What these reviews tell us is that the Xtend & Climb ladder is really good. In spite of the competition, it manages to stay ahead of the rest by its full functionality.

4. Oshion 12.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescoping Telescopic Extension Ladder

Oshion 12.5ft EN131 Aluminum Telescoping Telescopic Extension Ladder

I’ve included the Oshion in this best telescoping ladder list because it’s versatile. The ladder is a bit heavy yes. But it’s a good thing because it provides stability. Folding and unfolding the ladder is quick, and the strap folds in nicely for convenient storage. To extend and lock you just press a button, and when you hear the click it’s good to go. By and large, this is an outstanding telescoping ladder that lives up to the hype.


  1. Number of Ladder Step: 12
  2. Step Interval: 30cm/11.8″
  3. Net Weight: about 11.3kg / 25lbs.
  4. Mainly made of premium aluminum alloy
  5. Folded Size: 34.3″(L) x 18.9″(W)
  6. Unfolded Height: 3.8m (12ft5)
  7. Max Load: 330 lbs.
  8. It’s a straight extension ladder,Can not works as an A-frame step ladder.
  9. 4-way combination ladder system.
  10. Heavy duty strap to fasten up for better storage.
  11. Black anti-slip rubber sleeve on the bottom of ladder step.


  • Can be used as an A-frame stepladder.
  • Folds in half for compact storage.
  • The ladder remains stable even when set at maximum height.
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • Lock and expand mechanism works smoothly.
  • Complies with the European Safety Standard EN131.


  • Feet plastic moldings are not well trimmed.
  • A little heavier than those in its range.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The reviews for the Oshion has been the recipient of many positive reviews. There are a few criticisms, but a sizable margin like it. One reviewer says it’s durable and retracts fast. Among the best telescoping ladder reviews have been courtesy of homeowners who say they use the ladder regularly. There are other reviewers who use the Oshion the same way.
A 5 star review was posted by a satisfied customer who uses it for their RV. According to the reviewer, the Oshion is a convenient ladder. Now that I’ve compared these reviews with my own, I understand why people like it.

5. Telesteps 1800EP OSHA Compliant 18 ft Reach Professional Wide Step Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telesteps 1800EP OSHA Compliant 18 ft Reach Professional Wide Step Telescoping Extension Ladder

The Telesteps 1800EP is one of the best telescoping ladder for many reasons. For one, its built is good enough for professional use. I also have to commend its durability. Extending the ladder to its full length didn’t affect the stability. I also like its One-Touch release mechanism. Its solid base is another plus.


  1. 14.5 ft Professional wide step telescoping extension ladder.
  2. 18 ft reachable height.
  3. Max Load: 300 lbs.
  4. Weighs 30.5 lbs
  5. 100% Silicone pivoting feet for safe grip. OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested.
  6. the ladder automatically telescopes up or down from just 32.4 inches to 14-1/2 feet in seconds.


  • The ladder extends easily.
  • You just need to press a single button to collapse it.
  • 300 lb. load capacity makes it good enough for heavy duty use.
  • The ladder is built from durable aluminum alloy.
  • One foot increment adjustment offers a lot of flexibility.


  • A reviewer says the ladder broke after just a few months.
  • There a few complaints about slow customer service.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best telescoping ladder reviews have spoken favorably of its versatility. One reviewer said the ladder is just what he was looking for. He said he was looking for an all-purpose ladder for his home and RV. He had tried a lot but none worked out except for the Telesteps.
Another 5 star review came from a long time patron of the brand. He says this ladder is as good as the ones before. He says the ladder is well built. The other reviewers who have purchased the Telesteps agree. One of these customers points out this is worth buying.
There are a few who don’t like it, but those who think the Telesteps is a great telescoping ladder are the majority.

Accessories for a Telescoping Ladder

Werner AC19-2 Extension Ladder Covers

Werner AC19-2 Extension Ladder Covers

Are you worried that your walls or other surfaces will be damaged when you set a telescoping ladder on it? You can use these covers to safeguard those surfaces. And these covers won’t affect your ladder’s stability.

Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer

Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer

If you’ve got a steep roof, use the Quickclick to stabilize your ladder. The attachment secures on the two uppermost rings and is great for most types of roof repair work. The stabilizer is also just the right size so it doesn’t get in your way as you go about your repairs.

Xtend & Climb Protective Top Rung Cover

Xtend & Climb Protective Top Rung Cover

If your ladder is exposed to the elements, deterioration could settle in over time. You can prevent that by using the Roll over image to zoom in Xtend & Climb Protective covers. They’re compatible with the 785P, 770P, 760P and 750P.

Maintenance Tips

  • Use the ladder only on even ground. Uneven terrain might cause the ladder to topple over.
  • Inspect the ladder on a regular basis. Pay special attention to the safety locks or knobs and make sure they’re fully functional.
  • Telescoping ladders should only be used when they’re dry.
  • Don’t use the ladder beyond its load capacity. This is bound to cause damage and you could even hurt yourself.
  • Do not use the ladder if there are sharp edges or cracks. These can be prevented if you use the ladder only as directed.
  • Clean your telescoping ladder after heavy use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does ladder height differ from reach height?
Answer: Ladder height refers to the height of the ladder. Reach height refers to your height when on the highest rung.

2. Can I use telescoping ladders without going for the maximum height?
Answer: Yes, you can, but it works differently among telescoping ladders.

3. How are these ladders stored?
Answer: Collapse the ladder until the sides come together. Once they’re locked in, store in a cool dry place.

4. How do I clean my telescoping ladder?
Answer: Dip a clean piece of cloth in water and wipe the ladder rungs. You can also mix water and rubbing alcohol to remove excess dirt. Don’t use oil or mineral based cleaners.

5. Will my telescoping ladder leave marks on the wall where I place it? 
Answer: No, most of them won’t. Telescoping ladders are from quality materials that won’t damage walls or paint.

My Recommendations

My top picks are the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder and the Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series.
The Xtend & Climb is portable and retracts easily so you can put it away after each use. It is also solidly built and versatile enough for home and commercial use. The Werner MT-22 is also a remarkable telescoping ladder. As many reviewers have pointed out, you can use this ladder for the home as well as industrial applications.
Both telescoping ladders are top notch and good enough for professional use. I cannot recommend them enough as they’re very efficient.

Final Words

There’s no need to go into detail on how important ladders are. We need one at home for inspecting, repair and so on. But they’re only as good as the design, which is why telescoping ladders have become so popular as they provide the versatility you’re looking for.
With these reviews of the best telescoping ladder, you’ll no longer have trouble deciding what to buy. I cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to get the right ladder. This isn’t just about versatility but safety as well. That’s why I recommended those two as they are the best.


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