Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews and Buying Guide

best weight lifting gloves reviews

Have you spent hours looking for the best weight lifting gloves reviews with no success? Well, your search has come to an end as I’ve gathered here the top weight lifting gloves you can buy. There are a lot of these gloves, but very few detailed reviews.
I’ve been working out for years and tried all sorts of weightlifting gloves. It was a lot of work, but I’ve been able to narrow the field down to the top 5. At the end of this guide I also give you my top recommendations. If you want to find out what’s available, this guide can help.

Why You Need a Weight Lifting Gloves

More and more fitness buffs are looking for the top weight lifting gloves, much more so than before. Why is that? If you’ve never worn gloves for strength training before, they might seem unnecessary. But as any seasoned gym buff will tell you, gloves have many uses.

  1. One of the primary usages of weightlifting gloves is to make sure your lifting technique is applied correctly. As any weightlifter will inform you, technique is essential. Improper lifting hampers your performance and could result in injury too. By using gloves, you won’t have problems lifting weights. They will also make it easy to master those lifting techniques. Even if you lift heavy weights, your hands receive the support required for it.
  2. Weightlifting gloves help your muscles grow. If you’re new to weightlifting, your hands and arms don’t yet have the strength to hold these weights up. By wearing these gloves, you’ll get a lift and extra support.
  3. Other Uses: More and more fitness buffs wear gloves because it improves traction. The texture on the best gloves improve your hold on the bar or dumbbell. With your bare hands it’s going to be difficult to keep your grip.

As I will show in the reviews below, the use of these gloves can go beyond weightlifting. They’re good enough to be used while on your bike or to keep you warm. Most people use these gloves in the gym, but they’re also good for other applications and situations.

Advantages of the Weight Lifting Gloves

  • Better Grip: The primary advantage of these gloves is to improve your grip. As you lift weights, your hands become slippery. This makes it harder to grip weights and bars. This is not only uncomfortable but could be dangerous too especially if you’re lifting barbells and dumbbells.
  • Blisters and Calluses: Another advantage weightlifters gain from top weight lifting gloves is it minimizes the discomfort you may feel. Some weights have textured surfaces that cause blisters or calluses on your palms. If this condition is left untreated, they could bleed.
  • Pressure: The best weight lifting gloves provide pressure relief. Lifting weights place a lot of pressure on your wrists and hands. By wearing gloves you’ll be able to lift all those weights without fear of too much pressure. Put it another way, these gloves increase your hands’ lifting capacity without risking hand or finger injury.
  • Wrist Support: A lot of weightlifting gloves have a wraparound wrist feature. Most lifters don’t pay enough attention to the effect weights have on their wrists. But if you don’t pay attention, it could lead to injury and hamper your progress. How is this possible? One of the many advantages that weight lifting gloves provide is their use of advanced materials. These materials act as support for your tendons and ligaments.
  • Increased Lift: Well-designed gloves increase your ability to lift more weights. Gloves not only make you more comfortable, but they space the weight evenly across your hands and wrists.

Things to Consider Before Buying Weight Lifting Gloves

Material: The best weight lifting gloves are made from various materials. Good choices are leather, neoprene, gel padded and Velcro double. Most weightlifting gloves are made from proprietary materials. Some prefer certain types of materials over the other, so this is about personal preference.

Durability: This is related to the materials you use. It’s essential the gloves are comfortable, but they must also be strong enough to withstand the rigors of regular use. The only way to find out is by using the gloves. But if you stick with quality brands, you’re assured of quality.

Grip: As I’ve already mentioned, the primary benefit of these gloves is improving your grip. This is only possible if you get a pair of gloves with a solid grip. Again this depends on the material.

Flexibility: Weightlifting gloves have to flexible. You’ll be spending a lot of time lifting weights, opening and closing your hands and flexing your wrists. To make any progress your hands need to be flexible. The more flexible your gloves are, the easier it’s going to be to progress in your workouts.

Breathability: The best analogy here would be shoes. You need shoes to be breathable so your toes have a bit of wiggle room. The same is true with gloves; the gloves need to be breathable so your hands can move more freely. If your gloves are too tight it’s going to make it harder to lift weights and work out.

Support/Cushioning: A good pair of gloves provides ample support for your hands, palms and wrists. The padding varies per brand, and usually they consist of proprietary materials. Even if the gloves are made of good materials, it’s not enough for a strenuous workout. If you want maximum comfort, padding is a must.

Our Pick  For Weight Lifting Gloves

We made a short list of 5 best weight lifting gloves for you. Let’s take a look at our best pick.

Short Review Of Each Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Here is the short review of all the best weight lifting gloves that we selected for you. These reviews definitely help you to choice the best weight lifting gloves that is best suited for you.

1. Nordict Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with 12″ Wrist Wraps Support for Gym Workout

Nordict Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with 12

I have included this in my list of the top weight lifting gloves for many reasons. It fits nicely in your hands, snug but not too tight. The gloves feel comfortable while still flexible. I like the built in wrist support, great for lifting weights. The grip is solid and helps make a difference in performance. These gloves are meant for lifting weights and it works. But it’s just as good for cross fit training. These are really versatile gloves. They’re light, comfy and prevents blisters.

Special Features:

  1. Premium Quality Leather and Reinforced Stitching.
  2. Integrated 12″ Wrist Wraps for the Right Amount of Support.
  3. Provides the Best Grip For Both Men & Women.
  4. Has the Right Amount of Padding That Provides Protection Against Painful Calluses & Blisters.
  5. 1 Year Free No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Flexible.
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable materials.


  • One customer said the wrist stitch wears off quickly.
  • One complained the padding was insufficient.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best weight lifting gloves reviews have given this the thumbs up and with good reason. One reviewer said it’s very comfortable and great for the money. Another customer said they’re excellent. Several reviewers gave it 5 stars, saying it’s of great quality and they really like it.
Another 5 star review came from someone new to weightlifting gloves. He said he used to suffer from blisters. Since he started wearing the gloves, his hands no longer hurt. Another reviewer said they helped her lift more weights. Other customer reviewers said the gloves are perfect and the quality is high.
If you read most of the reviews, you’ll see they’re mostly positive and it says a lot about its quality.

2. Harbinger Men’s Training-Grip Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves with TechGel-Padded Leather Palm

Harbinger Men's Training-Grip Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves with TechGel-Padded Leather Palm

The Harbinger is another high quality pair of workout gloves. The gloves fit well and yet feel comfortable. Like the best weight lifting gloves, they’re versatile. These are perfect for pumping iron, but I also think they’re great for overall fitness training. The gloves have what Harbinger calls WristWrap, which is supposed to provide wrist protection. After trying the gloves I have to agree. The gloves are easy on the hands. They’re also adjustable and keep the wrists in the right spot.

Special Features:

  1. Comfort Tech fabrics remain supple and comfortable.
  2. Patented WristWrap stabilizes wrist with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in proper position while training.
  3. Palm features TechGel Comfort Pads that mold to your hands, protecting them from the stresses of active training.
  4. NoSweat lining wicks moisture away from your skin.
  5. Includes limited 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.


  • High quality stitching.
  • Offers good padding.
  • Durable built and quality.
  • Received lots of good reviews.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • One customer complained the sizes are too small.
  • One customer said the gloves are hot.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

Among the best weight lifting gloves reviews have come from longtime users. One person said he purchased the gloves for gym workout. He says he’s been using them for weeks and they’re still in good condition. Another reviewer said the gloves have great padding.
Another reviewer said he needed quality gloves after the ones he used wore out. He bought the Harbinger and says they’re worth every cent. This sentiment is shared by many other customers.
Not all the reviews have been glowing. But the number of those that like the Harbinger far outnumber those who have criticisms, so they’re really good.

3. Alpha Impact Weight Lifting Gloves with Premium Leather Palm and Adjustable Wrist Support

Alpha Impact Weight Lifting Gloves with Premium Leather Palm and Adjustable Wrist Support

Alpha Impact makes some of the best weight lifting gloves today, and this is a good example. The stitching is very good and the goatskin leather is superb. The gloves have a cool feeling and the texture is nice. There is neoprene mesh on the gloves and wrist support. Lifting weights is more comfortable when you have these on. It’s just much better to wear these. There is better grip and control. The padding also improves your performance.

Special Features:

  1. High-quality classical Weight Lifting Gloves.
  2. Durable double stiched Goatskin Leather at the Palm of the Hand.
  3. 4-Way flexible Neoprene Mesh on the Back of the Hand.
  4. Integrated 2 inch elastic Wrist support for adjustable Carpal Joint Protection.
  5. Extended Finger Protection for a superior Grip.


  • Excellent padding.
  • Provides good support for weight lifting.
  • Prevents calluses.
  • Improves your grip.
  • Durable stitching.


  • One customer says the leather quality is poor.
  • Wrist support could be better.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The Alpha Impact has received some really good feedback. Long time fitness buffs say the gloves fit great and make a big difference comfort wise. Another customer posted a review and remarking how high the quality is.
There are also positive comments from those who new to weightlifting. One reviewer said the gloves are great not just for lifting weights but other workouts. Some of the best weight lifting gloves reviews came from those who’ve tried other gloves before. Majority of them say the Alpha Impact gloves are comfortable and sturdy.
These reviews should give you an idea of how good these gloves are. Whether it’s for weightlifting or other workouts, these gloves serve your needs. For the price you get a really good set of gloves.

4. 2-Fitness Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves with 45 Centimeter Wrist Wrap, Purple

2-Fitness Women's Men's Weight Lifting Gloves with 45 Centimeter Wrist Wrap, Purple

These 2-Fitness gloves are notable for its durability. As the best weight lifting gloves, they are ideal for weightlifting and deliver solid performance. The material is elastic and breathable. The flexibility level is top quality as well. There is good ventilation, and it keeps my fingers from getting sweaty. The wrist wrap and Velcro closure add to its stability. This isn’t just for weightlifters but gym buffs too.

Special Features:

  1. Unique design of Silica Gel Anti-Slip Particles with right amount of foam padding.
  2. Breathable and high elastic mesh fabric ( cross Lycra ) on back.
  3. Integrated 45cm long wrist wrap with velcro closure.
  4. A must have safe guard.
  5. 3 colors are available.


  • Excellent safety features.
  • Protects your hands from blisters.
  • Breathable.
  • Gloves don’t hamper your flexibility.
  • High quality stitching.


  • The wrist wraps could use a better design.
  • A few customers say there should be more padding.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The reviews have been pretty good for the 2-Fitness. One of those who purchased the gloves say the wrist support is top notch. Most of them agree it’s ideal for weightlifting. There are also reviewers who say the gloves are suitable for other types of workouts.
Some of the best weight lifting gloves reviews have come from those new to fitness and strength training. One reviewer said he’s satisfied with the gloves. Another customer gave the gloves 5 stars, simply saying he loves them. There is also a reviewer who said she’s impressed with the wrist wrap protection level.
Overall the response has been good for the 2-Fitness gloves. There a few negative reviews yes, but most are favorable. After reviewing these gloves, I have to say the reviews are correct.

5. Harbinger Pro Training Wristwrap Gloves

Harbinger Pro Training Wristwrap Gloves

These pair of gloves are versatile enough to be used not just in weightlifting but other fitness routines. The material of those gloves is Real leather which is comfortable, and provides good flexibility and elasticity. Its double stitching feature enhances durability. Aside from weightlifters, athletes also benefit from these gloves.

Special Features:

  1. Fully adjustable graduated fabric WristWrap provides maximum support and flexibility.
  2. Double leather palm protects hand and maintains feel on bar.
  3. Open cell foam cushions palm and fingers.
  4. ½ finger length increases contact with grip.
  5. Wrap-around thumb protection.
  6. Double stitching enhances durability.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Ideal for weightlifting and other workout activities.
  • Leather quality is great.
  • Wrist wrap provides good protection.
  • Ideal for beginners users.


  • Sometime wrist straps don't stay tight.
  • Some customers complain about the quality.

Summary of Customer Reviews:

The best weight lifting gloves reviews for the Harbinger Pro Training Wristwrap Gloves expressed delight with its design. One customer said the gloves are very comfortable and keep their hands flexible. Although, these weight lifting gloves get some negative reviews too. Many customers said the quality could be better but they also said that these weight lifting gloves are better than other gloves they are used. One customer said he bought these gloves for the wrist support and they are good although some are complain about this. Overall Harbinger Pro Training Wristwrap Gloves is good in this price point.

5 Basic Weight Lifting Exercises


  • Facing the bar, hold it with a medium grip.
  • Place your feet below the bar. Straighten your legs and lock your knees and hips.
  • Breath and squat. Move your hips back while pushing your knees out.
  • Squat until so your hips are lower than your knees.
  • Squat up, keeping your knees out. Raise your chest and lock your knees and hips at the top.

The Deadlift

  • Stand up and place your mid foot below the bar. Set your toes at 15 degrees.
  • Hold the bar shoulder width apart.
  • Your arms have to be vertical from the front.
  • Bend the knees until your shins make contact with the bar.
  • Raise your chest. Keep your back straight without moving the bar. Don’t squeeze your shoulders and don’t let your hips drop.
  • Take a deep breath and pull. Hold and stand. Don’t lean back or shrug while you’re at the top.

Bench Press

  • Lie on the bench. Squeezing your shoulder blades and lift your chest. Your feet needs to be flat on the floor.
  • Hold the bar with a full grip. Your pinky needs to be on the bar’s ring marks. Grab the bar with your palm. Your grip has to be full and your wrists straight.
  • Take a deep breath and lift the bar. Straighten your elbows.
  • Lock your elbows and position the bar over your shoulders.
  • Lower the bar until it is at mid chest. Set your elbows at 75 degrees. Your forearms should be vertical and keep your breath down.
  • Press the bar off your mid-chest until it’s raised over your shoulders.


  • Hold the pull up bar. Your palms can face any direction.
  • Pull your body up until your chin is a little over the bar.
  • You can cross your feet to center your body.
  • Don’t kick your feet as that won’t help.
  • Keep lowering your body until your arms are straight.
  • Repeat the process. Ideally you should do 3 sets with 10 reps. But if you’re just starting out, focus on getting the form right.

Military Press

  • Put a barbell on a squat rack so it’s chest high.
  • Hold the barbell with forward facing palms. Your grip has to be wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Bend your knees and set the bar on your collar bone.
  • With the bar still on your chest, lift it up. Take one step back and set your feet shoulder wide apart.
  • Lift the bar so it’s over your head. Keep the bar above shoulder level. It should be a little in front of your head.
  • Set the bar down to your collarbone level. Raise the bar to your original position.Take your time. Too often people focus on trying to lift as much weight as possible. Before you increase the sets and reps, get the posture right.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What features should I look for?
Answer: Grip and comfort are the most important. The gloves have to be comfortable but can withstand long term use.

2. Fingerless or full fingered gloves?
Answer: Most weightlifters prefer fingerless gloves because they provide more control.

3. How do I take care of my gloves? 
Answer: Keep your gloves in a dry location, and wash them regularly. Do not store until they’ve air dried.

4. Can all gloves be used for weightlifting?
Answer: No. Gloves for weightlifting are made from special materials to handle the weight. They are stronger than regular gloves. If you want the full benefits of these gloves, make sure they are designed for weight and power lifting.

5. How much can gloves help improve my weightlifting ability?
Answer: These gloves can help. However you still have to do your part in working out and lifting weights.

For Those Of You Who Are Still Unsure

For the best weight lifting gloves, I recommend the Nordict Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with 12″ Wrist Wraps Support for Gym Workout and the Alpha Impact Weight Lifting Gloves with Premium Leather Palm and Adjustable Wrist Support.
The Alpha Impact gloves are very comfortable. They have a classical look but with the features of modern gloves. They’re also affordable and are breathable. The Nordic Impact gloves are just as good. As reviewers have said they’re durable and provide excellent support for your wrists.
Both of these gloves are designed for serious lifting. If you’re looking for high quality gloves, both of these will be sufficient.

Final Word

Weightlifting gloves are more than just for aesthetics. They’ve also got some practical uses and really effective. If you’re not into fitness and weightlifting, these gloves may seem superfluous. However that’s not the case at all. With the right gloves you’ll be able to lift more.
This is only possible if you have the best weight lifting gloves reviews. That’s why I believe this guide can help you. The time you spend doing research is going to make the difference in your workouts. Now that you know what to buy, it’s just a matter of choosing what you like.


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